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The Association of Asian Performing Arts Festivals (AAPAF)
Annual General Meeting (AGM)
August 1- 3 / 2008



From August 1- 3 JakArt will host the Annual General Meeting of AAPAF.
Organizers, artistic directors, producers and promoters from International acclaimed festivals and organizations will attend this important event.

A general conference will be held to accompany the AGM which will explore
“The relevance and Importance of the Arts and Culture in shaping the 21st Century,

with a specific section devoted in examining and exploring the role that festivals and cultural organizations have to play in this.


As the meeting takes place during JakArt@2008, participants will be invited to events of the festival, including the opening ceremony, on 1 August 2008 and a special show case of performing Arts from Indonesia will be organized for their benefit.

August 1- 5
a special show case of
Contemporary performing Arts from Indonesia

a chance to get acquainted with some of the foremost established or upcoming Indonesian artists and their work.

The 3 day meeting will also include several panel discussions. Some very familiar speakers are invited to talk about the future of culture, the state of the cultural landscape and our cultural environment.








Teater Kecil Taman Ismail Marzuki, Jalan Cikini Raya 73,Jakarta 10330


The Association of Asian Performing Arts Festivals (AAPAF) aims to recognize the growth of arts festivals in the Asian region. The Founding Festival Members are the China Shanghai International Arts Festival, the Singapore Arts Festival, the Hong Kong Arts Festival, and the Jakarta International Arts Cultural & Educational Festival (JakArt). Presently AAPAF counts 31 members.Hosting the AAPAF AGM  will open up bilateral relations between members of the AAPAF and Indonesia through cultural exchange and cultural diplomacy.





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