Teater Kecil,
Taman Ismail Marzuki, TIM,
Jalan Cikini Raya 73,
Jakarta 10330


Tim is situated in the heart of the metropolis, Jakarta, approximately three kilometers from the Presidential Palace.  The main gate with the logo “Cipta”, which means to create, towers at Jl Cikini Raya 73.  Entering the gate, the visitor is greeted by the bust of the composer of Indonesian patriotic songs, Ismail Marzuki (1914-1957).  The sculpture is the creation of Arsono, a well-known Indonesian artist.  Born in Jakarta and famous for his patriotic songs during the Indonesian revolution, Ismail Marzuki has been immortalized as the name of the arts center.
The compound of PKJ-TIM, including the Jakarta Institute for Arts, the Planetarium, the Jakarta Archives, and the H. B. Jassin Documentation Center for Literature, covers about 8 hectares.  There are three groups of buildings and infrastructures in the PKJ-Tim premises:
1         Buildings for the Arts including Teater Kecil, Graha Bhakti Budaya, Galerie Cita II and Galeri Cipta III
2         The Campus of the Jakarta Institute for the Arts (Institute Kesenian Jakarta)
3         The H.B. Jassin Documentation Center for Literature, the Planetarium, and the Jakarta Archives.
These three buildings are situated in the front section of the PKJ-TIM premises, with the Planetarium as the main building.  All the buildings in the PKJ-TIM premises are surrounded by parks where trees provide welcome shades, and large, spacious parking lots capable of accommodating 300 vehicles.

The Establishment and the Organization of the Jakarta Arts Center
The Jakarta Arts Center, a forum for the arts in metropolitan Jakarta, was established on November 10, 1968.  The Jakarta Arts Center is an autonomous institution in the field of the arts, in the sense that the Jakarta Metropolitan Administration cannot interfere in its activities, except in relation to the provision of facilities, funds and services.  Since 1989, the Jakarta Metropolitan Administration has established a foundation called the Jakarta Foundation for the Arts, to assist her in the fund-raising endeavors to support the Arts Center. 
The Jakarta Arts Center was established to accommodate the creativity of the Indonesian artists, particularly those who are residing in Jakarta. The Governor of Jakarta, Ali Sadikin, at the time of the dedication of the Jakarta Arts Center – Taman Ismail Marzuki and its facilities, emphasizes that the objectives of the Arts Center is to develop a center in which all arts activities, arts education and its related sciences and arts experiments can be expressed.  The implementation of the task of the Jakarta Arts Center – TIM is based on the Decree of the Governor of Jakarta Number 148, 1991, concerning the Improvement of the Basic Guidelines of the Jakarta Arts Center as follows:
1   To appreciate and to present excellent art works to the public, such as, exhibitions, performances and documentation of various artistic activities
2   To promote public appreciation of the arts through the mass media, publications and lectures
3   To carry out formal and non-formal professional education in various branches of the arts.
The Jakarta Arts Center consists of the Jakarta Academy, the Jakarta Arts Council and the Jakarta Foundation for the Arts.  The joint meetings of the three institutions constitute the highest authority, yet every one of them has its own specific function, status, and role.     

JakArt secretariat: Jln. Lebak Bulus II / 20 A, Cilandak – Jakarta 12430, INDONESIA
Tel/ fax: + 62-21-75907687, Tel: + 62-21-70830742,
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