(daily newspaper)

26 August 2004

An Indonesian troupe presents a multi-spectacle in the Peloponese

We know Bali and Java as exotic tourist destinations, yet how much do we know about Indonesia itself, the country of 17.500 islands and of 250 races and dialects? Very little…

In any case, the inhabitants of the Peloponese will have the opportunity to learn a little more, at least about its cultural identity.

The traveling show ‘Stage Bus’, which starting yesterday (25/8)  goes on until the 14th of September, will be touring the seven Peloponnesian prefectures, performing songs, music, dance, shadow theatre and video projections in the framework of the Cultural Olympiad. The troupe consists of 20 artists and a multi-purpose bus which doesn’t merely transport the people but becomes the stage on which the events take place (it is12 metres long and unfolds into a stage on one of its sides).

“It is a series of events which aim at decentralizing cultural activity, offering the opportunity to people outside the capital to witness the work of the Cultural Olympiad and OPEP” said the president of OPEP, Mr Stamatis Mavros. In parallel, of course, it is the beginning of a series of initiatives for cultural exchange among Greece and other nations worldwide.

The ‘Stage Bus’ troupe appeared in Nafplion last night. This evening they are performing in Argos, tomorrow in Lerna and they will continue in Tripoli, Sparti, Gytheion, Kalamata and Ancient Olympia.

By Despoina Kontaraki