(daily newspaper)

26 August 2004


The Stage Bus from Indonesia ‘invades’ the Peloponese

For three weeks, the Peloponese will be under the joyful invasion of an exotic troupe from faraway Indonesia, carrying with it a whole stage on wheels.

It is the traveling show ‘Stage Bus’, which, starting yesterday (25/8)  and until the 14th of September, will be traveling around the seven Peloponnesian prefectures, performing songs, music, dance, shadow theatre and video projections. This multi-coloured tour is brought to us by the Indonesian Embassy and the Greek Culture Promotion Organisation.

A specially transformed multi-purpose bus, fully equipped for performances (with a theatre stage, video projectors and screens, grand piano, drums, etc.) is taking the Indonesian artists to towns like Nafplion (Platia Kapodistria, yesterday at 9.00 p.m.) Argos (Aghios Petros Square, tonight), Lerna (tomorrow at Kiveri beach) and Tripoli, Sparti, Gytheio, Kalamata, Ancient Olympia and other places, giving performances a-la-carte wherever the space or the need warrants changes.

Music, singing, dance, Indonesian traditional shadow theatre and video projections, all in a performance on the moving theatre of the Stage Bus of the JakArt cultural organization, supported by the national committee for the Cultural Olympiad. The Indonesian government, responding to the invitation by the Greek government and under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism and Culture of Indonesia and the Cultural Olympiad, supports this effort. It is also supported by the Embassy of Indonesia in Greece and the Greek Embassy in Jakarta.

The purpose of this unique trip in culture, which is taking place in the spirit of the Olympics and Paralympics in Athens 2004, is the deeper understanding among nations and civilizations as it is presented through the diversity and the variety both of the Indonesian culture and of the multicultural-multinational aspect of the means of expression.

The ‘Stage Bus’ was constructed in Holland in 1994 based on the design by visual artist Aart Marcus and the Helsdingen Trio team. Since then, it has traveled and given performances in the whole of Europe, the USA, Australia and, naturally, Indonesia, the latter having also funded the project.

This moving theatre is no less than a 12-metre long vehicle, whose side unfolds and forms a stage on which all the action takes place.

The ‘Stage Bus’ has its own audio systems, lighting systems and musical instruments, the most impressive being a grand piano.