(daily newspaper)

26 August 2004

A traveling show unites people

Indonesian artists form the group ‘Stage Bus’ which is currently visiting our country in the framework of the inter-cultural exchange of people’s art. The group will travel around the towns of the Peloponese. Tonight they are performing in Argos and tomorrow in the municipality of Lerna.

More specifically, this moving theatre (which belongs to the JakArt cultural organization, supported by the Indonesian government) is attached to the specially transformed, multi-purpose bus (The Stage Bus) which has the necessary equipment, such as a screen for shadow theatre, video projectors, a grand piano, a drum set, etc. The programme of the tour includes singing, dancing, music and their own traditional shadow theatre in every town-stop. The space and the programme of each event may be altered according to the needs (programme a-la-carte).

The purpose of this initiative, for another cultural trip into the Civilization and the Spirit of the Olympic and Paralympic Games of Athens 2004, is the deeper understanding among nations and cultures as it is viewed through the variety and diversity of Indonesian culture and civilization as well as in the multicultural, multinational meeting of arts and forms of expression.