(daily newspaper)

26 August 2004

The ‘Stage Bus’ in the Peloponese

A magical bus will transport the perfume and the hues of the Indonesian culture to the Peloponese. It is the … mobilegroup based on a multi-purpose bus, the ‘Stage Bus’, where twenty artists present shows, songs, dance, shadow theatre and video projections. Its tour is in the framework of the Cultural Olympiad, in collaboration with the Indonesian Embassy in Greece. “It is an event which aims at the de-centralization of cultural events. The offering from Indonesia brings us closer to a unique civilization in a greater area which up to now was a complete unknown to many of us”, Mr Stamatis Mavros, president of OPEP stressed. “The active participation of Indonesia in the programme of the Cultural Olympiad helps with the further development of relationships on a cultural and social level between the two nations and their people”, said the ambassador of Indonesia, Mrs. Faishah Soeftendi.