(daily newspaper)

26 August 2004


From Bali to Moreas on a stage on wheels!

Don’t feel surprised if, while you are in the Peloponese, you suddenly see a stage on wheels from Indonesia on our National road, or in the many squares of many towns in Moreas. The ‘Stage Bus’ and its traveling show from Indonesia started its tour yesterday and until the 14th of September they will visit towns in all seven areas of the Peloponese. The 12-metre long vehicle opens on one side and forms a theatre stage. All performances take place there: songs, music and traditional shadow theatre. There are video projections and the bus has all the necessary equipment – sound installations, lights and musical instruments, even a grand piano! This tour takes place under the auspices of the Cultural Olympiad. “It illustrates the aim to de-centralize events. In various ways, the Stage Bus presents a culture we don’t know, a different civilization. Greece is also planning to send a sample of its culture [to Indonesia] in the framework of cultural exchange”, said the president of the organisation, Mr Stamatis Mavros.


The Stage Bus tour is under the auspices of the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and Culture while the performances are produced by the cultural organization JakArt of Indonesia. This endeavour is also supported by the Embassy of Indonesia in Greece and the Greek Embassy in Jakarta.