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26 August 2004

IMERISIA recommends:

For three weeks, the Peloponese will be the recipient of a joyful invasion of an art group consisting of numerous artists from far-away Indonesia, carrying with them a whole stage on wheels. It is the traveling group ‘Stage Bus’ which just started its tour and will continue until the 14th of September, visiting towns in the seven prefectures of the Peloponese; they will be giving performances with singing, music, dance, shadow theatre and video projections. This colourful tour is under the auspices of the Indonesian government and the Cultural Olympiad. A specially transformed bus, a stage on wheels, with all the necessary equipment (shadow theatre screen, video projectors, a grand piano, drums), transports the 20 Indonesian artists to towns like Argos (today, 26/8), Lerna (27/8), Tripoli, Sparti, Gytheion, Kalamata, Ancient Olympia and elsewhere, giving a unique performance at each location.