Luluk Purwanto & the Helsdingen trio
Nanang HaPe & The Stage Bus.
Indonesian American Dutch cross cultural promotion tour
November 28 - December 23, 2003
20 Non profit Performances at universities, town squares and cultural heritage sites
3000 km
Sponsored by Djarum Super


For this tour Aart Marcus has re-designed his former installation, the Stage Bus I, and created a captivating display of shadows and projections to stimulate the imagination and creativity of the viewing audience
click here to see the preparations in Bogor, 10 - 26 Oktober, 2003

Because of the unique composition of the group,
with Luluk regarded as one of
Indonesia’s foremost jazz artists closely working together with American, Dutch and Indonesian performers, this program will be a true cultural exchange.
The planned performances will certainly provide a wonderful forum for the exchange of ideas and information pertaining to improvisation, Jazz and Wayang.    

Mahabharata Jazz and Wayang
is an unique program designed for the listener to comprehensively explore jazz improvisation in both western-contemporary and Javanese-traditional settings.

Over the next 25 days ( Nov 29 – Dec 23, 2003), audiences will have a rare and excellent chance to meet with wayang performers and international jazz artists, to take in a series of 20 exciting shows on the Stage Bus

Luluk Purwanto

Luluk Purwanto - Violin/ Voice
Rene van Helsdingen - Piano
Marcello Pellitteri - Drums

Essiet Okon Essiet - Bass

Nanang HaPe - Dahlang
Kiki Dunung - Pengrawit
Soled Saryanto - Pengrawit
I Ketut Budiyasa - Balinese Percussion
Aart Marcus - Design and Installation
Martijn van Beenen - Directing Camera

Essiet Okon Essiet  

Supported & Endorsed by;

The Indonesian Ministry of Culture
and Tourism

The Embassy of the United States of America, Jakarta, Indonesia

The Royal Netherlands Embassy
 Jakarta, Indonesia

The Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia, The Hague, The Netherlands
Organized by:
René van Helsdingen and Luluk Purwanto
Helsdingen music BV

Marcello Pellitteri

I Ketut Budiyasa, Balinese percussionist,
( born 26-11-69 in Karang Asem, Bali)
started studying Balinese Traditional Music at an early age.
He is very active in many Balinese musical performances in Jakarta and is a member of The Saraswati Balinese Dance and Music Company founded by I Gusti Kompyang Raka. In 1990 with the Balinese Culture Group, they jointly performed in Kumamoto Japan.
In 1995 he became a member of Trisutji Kamal Ensemble, since then performing in Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Rome, Marseille, Paris and Athens.


Nanang HaPe

Kiki Dunung Soled Saryanto
Born Ponorogo, 15-8-75
Graduated from Indonesian School of Performing Arts (Sekolah Tinggi Seni Indonesia) in Surakarta majoring Traditional Classic Puppetry. Besides having a routine performance in East and Central Java and also jakarta, this young talented puppeteer is also active in various studies and research of Wayang.

One of his previous research was about Wayang Timplong in Nganjuk, East java. His passion towards shadow puppetry led him to Arts Festivals and Arts Events, as part of Wayang Sandosa and Wayang Layar Panjang, an avant garde shadow puppetry based on classic Javanese wayang. Although he dedicated himself totally in traditional art & culture, he also likes to write scripts, articles as well as short stories. Nanang is supported by 2 pengrawit, Kiki Dunung (born in Jakarta 1979) and Soled Saryanto (born in Wonogiri 1977). Kiki and Soled both studied music at STSI, Solo


Martijn van Beenen, camera man and winner of the "Gouden Kalf" award 1999, grand prize of the Dutch Film Industry with "JACKSON, THE MAN WITH THE BOX".Martijn is widely recognised as an inspiring and original cineaste and has documented on many locations around the world. Martijn has worked with Luluk since 1998 on 3 separate projects including: 1998: ‘Mau Lagi’, 8 min video clip, Bonus CD ROM track.  'Born Free' Munich Records BMMCD 296
2000: '
Film2000' 20 minutes movie, Munich Records BMWCD 296, CD-Rom
2002: ‘Brushes  the Clip’, 6 min Video clip CD+CD-Rom, Munich Records 2003, BMCD368
During the last week of the Mahabharata Jazz & Wayang Tour 2003 Martijn will direct a full documentary.







The Mahabharata, the largest epic ever written, elegantly depicts Hindu ideals and philosophies and has provided a wealth of inspiration for many cultures. The Balinese and Javanese, who accepted these verses long ago, combined the Hindu stories with Buddhist philosophy and their own folk lore. (Javanese philosophy) Throughout the stories two related families, the Pandawas and Kurawas, represent, respectively, forces of good and evil.  The mother of the Pandawas, Kunti, aunt of Krishna, obtained a sacred mantra enabling her to call on the gods to obtain offspring. In order to test it, she called out to the Sun and to her surprise bore Karna, a golden warrior. As yet unmarried, Kunti abandoned Karna, who was later adopted by the Kurawas. She then married Pandu, a prince, who was under a curse whereby he would die upon reaching ecstasy in love making.

  Pandu begged for Kunti to use the mantra to produce sons, so she called on the gods of Dharma, Wind, and Fire, resulting in three god/sons - Yudistira the wise, Bima the strong, and Arjuna the skilled. Pandu's second wife borrowed Kunti's mantra to bear sons of the Twin Gods, Nakula and Sahadewa. These five god/sons, the Pandawas, are pitted against the Kurawas in an epic struggle for balance and justice. The Kurawas were born of a giant ball of flesh which was divided into 100 pieces and incubated in jars to produce 100 sons. There was a little glob left over which became one daughter. The Kurawas are the cousins of the Pandawas and their arch rivals. They are led by Duryudana and Karna.  A palace of illusion is built for the Pandawas who unwisely lose it to the Kurawas in a game of dice. The Pandawas are exiled to the forest and then must live anonymously in the cities for a year. During this time the Kurawas build up power and influence which the Pandawas must regain.  Eventually, there is a great battle and everyone dies. They are brought back to life and later dwell in heaven.
René van Helsdingen
The Stage Bus Team:

Stage Bus Supervisor
Itok Harsono
Technical Support
Moch Athar
Stage Bus Assistant
Nur Cahya Gumilar (Yayang)
Production Assistant
Mahendra Dwi Hatmoko


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