Luluk Purwanto

Born on 25th of June 1959 in Solo, Indonesia (Indonesian Nationality)
Mother: Aysha Gani, classical vocalist -coloratura soprano - professor of music and Director of School of Music (retired), Medan, Indonesia.
Father: Julian Purwanto, Classical vocalist - tenor - and Specialist in piano building -repair and tuning for Steinway and Sons, Hamburg.  (pendidikan khusus di Steinway & Sons)

1968 private classical studies with Karnaji Kristanto & Nicolay Varfolomeyef
1974-77 Sydney Conservatorium of Music, Australia (scholarship).
private class. studies with Harry Curby
1976 member of the 'Australian Youth Orchestra' - tour of America
1978 SMM Medan, Indonesia, School of Music
1979 ABA Medan, Academy of foreign language ( Major in English )
1977-85 yearly participation: 'Asia - , Australian - , and Asean Youth Music- Camp', Jakarta, Hong Kong, Manilla, Singapore and Melbourne.
1980-87 Institute of Art, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Professional experience and engagements
1980 First professional performance as a jazz violinist with the Abadi Soesman group At the 'Bandung Jazz Masa Bodo festival' and at: "Jazz at TIM"
1983 1983 Adopted as member of the 'Ireng Maulana All Stars', and participation at the 2nd Singapore International Jazz Festival. Until today (2000) Luluk still performs with Ireng Maulana and his group.
1984 Recording for RCA Indonesia: 'Luluk Purwanto & Ireng Maulana'. (cassette)
1985 1985 Joined the fusion group 'Bhaskara 85' for the North Sea Jazz Festival, Holland.
1986 Recording for Relukreul records: 'Impressions of Indonesia' (LP: RLIxU000), featuring René van Helsdingen, Brian Batie, Rodney Mecks.
Formation of the 'The Filtra Quartet' ( featuring: Rodney Mecks, Brian Batie, René van Helsdingen ) sponsored by PT. Djarum.
15 concerts Tour- Indonesia and India with the 'Quartet', including performances at the Jazz-Yatra in Bombay & New Delhi.
Recording for Granada records, Indonesia : 'Luluk' (cassette)
Recording for Aquarius records, Indonesia : 'Bhaskara 86'. (cassette)
Performance at the North Sea Jazz Festival, Holland, with 'Bhaskara'
1987 Recording for Aquarius records, Indonesia : 'Bhaskara 87'. (cassette)
A new release in China on which Chinese national tunes were converted into New Age Music. " Spirit Of Spring" (LP/CD Pacific Music; Tao Label') featuring: René van Helsdingen, Ben v/d Dungen, Evert Hekkema, Stefan Lievestro, E. van Gruythuyzen.
2-months Fusion project : recording in Jakarta with mainly Indonesian musicians playing compositions of Luluk Purwanto and René van Helsdingen featuring: Udin Zach, John Phillips, Margie Seegers, Happy Pretty, Embong Rahardjo, Kiboud Maulana, Ireng Maulana, and others. - the latter has never been completed.
On the 11th of July Luluk got married with René van Helsdingen in Yogyakarta.
Arrangements and recordings for Asai Harum. A project at the Farmsound studio's in Holland featuring: Ben van den Dungen, Jarmo Hoogendijk, Collin Scott, Peter Guidi, Marcel Schimscheimer, Egbert van Gruythuyzen, Leen Barbier, Ernst Reiziger, Stefan Lievestro, Mark Mommaas, Eddie Conard, Joost Timp, Jacques Koopmanschap, Janice Lakers, René van Helsdingen and others. The recordings where never released.
1988 Formation of the goup: 'Luluk Purwanto & the Helsdingen Trio' featuring: Egbert Van Gruythuyzen, Trevor Ware, 10 concerts- Holland.
Luluk Purwanto and René van Helsdingen started their own company : Helsdingen Music BV. Through the emission of certificate of shares the company presently has over 350 Share- holders.
1989 For promotion the quartet was engaged in a TV Film / CD production: -'Live' Luluk Purwanto & the Helsdingen Trio'. (directed and produced by Theo Ordeman/ Frans Mijts) This production was financed by Helsdingen Music BV and released by Dureco (CD: 'The Walz' , Dureco 1151512) To celibrate their company's first year, a performance was organized with The Metropole Orchestra conducted by Rob Pronk at the Concertgebouw, Amsterdam. Featuring: Ira Coleman & Gene Jackson. (all songs for orchestra arranged by Luluk & René)
1990 'Luluk Purwanto & the Helsdingen Trio', 15 concerts- Holland, Denmark, Sweden, featuring: René van Helsdingen, Marcel Serierse, Wiro Mahieu.
The TV Film production, -'Live' Luluk Purwanto & the Helsdingen trio- was purchased and broadcasted by TV2, Denmark
Formation of the 'The Super Band', 7 concerts - Holland Indonesia. featuring: Billy Cobham, Wolfgang Schmid, René van Helsdingen, Steven Kelly, Deborah Robinson, Nippy & Shana Noya. During this tour, compositions of all individual members were performed.
'Luluk Purwanto & The Helsdingen Trio', ( Marcel Serierse, Wiro Mahieu)
15 Concert tour - Holland, Germany, Denmark and Sweden.
40 min. Broadcast, Denmark TV 2. ; 'Live 'Luluk Purwanto & The Helsdingen Trio'
Luluk became member of the Dutch folk group: 'Flairck' for a 70 concert/ theater tour- Holland, Belgium, including a performance at the Unicef gala 1990.
1991 'Luluk Purwanto & The Helsdingen Trio', 25 concerts- Holland, Denmark, Sweden, France, Belgium, including live broadcast Denmark TV 1. featuring: Don Mumford, Wiro Mahieu.
Recording of 'Ojongono' (CD. Helsdingen Music, HM001) featuring Wiro Mahieu and Egbert van Gruythuyzen. (released in 1992)
2nd tour with 'Flairck', tour-Holland, New York Walldorf Astoria Hotel, Greece and Germany including live recording for TV - Saarbrucken.
Featured guest artist with 'Wolfgang Schmid's 'Kick' , jazz rock formation, concert tour - Germany, feayuring Billy Cobham, Wolfgang Schmid, Kay Rigter, Rick Keller, Peter Wölpl. (including a performance of a rock version of Stravinsky's 'Fire Bird' at the München Jazz festival)
'Luluk Purwanto & The Helsdingen Trio', ( Benny Mustafa van Diest, Yance Manusama, René van Helsdingen ) at the Jakarta International Jazz Festival, Indonesia ( JakJazz'91 ).
1992 'Luluk Purwanto & The Helsdingen Trio', spring tour, 25 concerts- Scandinavië, Benelux. featuring: Marcello Pellitteri, Wiro Mahieu, René van Helsdingen.
'Luluk Purwanto & The Helsdingen Trio': Autumn tour, 'Agenda', 40 concerts- Europe. featuring: René van Helsdingen, Belinda Moody, Donald Dean.
1993 Release of CD/Cassette : 'Ojongono' , South East Asia, WEA Hong Kong
Duo concert at the Jakarta International Jazz Festival with René van Helsdingen.
Setting up a cultural program at a restaurant in Jakarta: The Stage.
Combinations of different art-forms in a daily program.
'Luluk Purwanto & The Helsdingen Trio', ( Donald Dean, Henry Franklin, Kent Brinkley, René van Helsdingen) 10 Concert tour- Los Angeles, California USA.
1994 In co-operation with The Stage, Jakarta, a bus was purchased and rebuild by visual artist: Aart Marcus. The side of the Stage Bus can be lowered to form a stage. (equiped with grand piano, sound system etc.) for outdoor performances.
During the rebuilding of the bus a CD was recorded : 'The Stage' (CD, Helsdingen Music HM 002) featuring: René van Helsdingen, Donald Dean, Kent Brinkley, Erik Visser.
THE STAGE BUS 94', 100 concerts- Europe featuring: Donald Dean, Kent Brinkley, Wiro Mahieu, René van Helsdingen, including: Estival Jazz Lugano, North Sea jazz Fest., Kristianstad Jazz - fest., Århus Int. Jazz Fest., Couleur Café Brussels, Festival de Musique du Touquet.
1995 THE STAGE BUS 95, 'Luluk Purwanto & The Helsdingen Trio' 60 concerts- Europe featuring: Donald Dean, Henry Franklin, Kent Brinkley, Henk Zomer, René van Helsdingen, including: Nice Jazz fest., Jazz à Vienne, Warsaw Jazz Days, Marlborough Int. Jazz Fest., JVC Jazz Fest. Torino, Festival des Cropettes/Geneva.
Performance at the Jakarta Int. Jazz festival (JAKJAZZ 95), featuring Henk Zomer, Jos Machtel, René van Helsdingen.
1996 'THE STAGE BUS' 96, 'Luluk Purwanto & The Helsdingen Trio' 100 Concerts tour - Europe featuring: Donald Dean, Marcello Pellitteri, Henry Franklin, Kent Brinkley, René van Helsdingen , including: Jazz Fest. Vienna, Impuls Fest. Bregenz (Austria), 400 Days of Gorzow (Poland), Kristianstad Jazz Fest., Falkenberg Jazz Dahar (Sweden), Jazz Fest.Antibes Juan-les-pins, Jazz à Nice (France), Jazz no Jazz Zürich, Wintherthurermusikwochen (Suisse), Natt Jazz Fest. Bergen (Norway), Voices Kassel, Worms Jazz Fest. (Germany), Chard Fest. Of Women in Music (UK), Aalborg Jazz & Blues Fest. (Denmark) etc. Including a performance for His Majesty King Harald the Vth of Norway (for the opening of the Bergen International Fest.).
In Oktober 96 the Stage Bus was shipped from Rotterdam to Melbourne.
1996 - 1997 THE STAGE BUS' Australia 'Luluk Purwanto & The Helsdingen Trio', 25 Concerts tour - with the Stage Bus featuring: Victor de Boo, Belinda Moody, René van Helsdingen: Australian - Dutch - Indonesian Cultural- Promotion tour incl. Melbourne Art Festival, Adelaide, Albury, Canberra, The Rocks - Sydney Brisbane, Kuranda, Mount Isa, Tunarama Art Fest. - Port Lincoln, Darwin. This tour was organized in Co-operation with Australia Northern Europe Liaisons, Henk van Leeuwen.
1997 1997 'THE STAGE BUS' 'Luluk Purwanto & The Helsdingen Trio', Indonesia, (LA Lights Tour) 35 Concert tour Java and Bali, Indonesia, with The Stage Bus: Australian - Dutch - Indonesian Cultural Promotion tour sponsored by PT. Djarum, Co- sponsored by National TV and Radio and press (Jakarta-Jakarta). featuring: René van Helsdingen, Victor de Boo, Belinda Moody. Including Concerts at Universities, Art Centers,a performance at the Borobudur Temple, The Sultan's - Palace in Yogyakarta, Denpasar Art Centre, Solo Art Centre, Bandung, Cirebon, Bogor, Jakarta, Surabaya, Malang, Purwokerto, Salatiga, Semarang, Nusa Dua etc.
1998 Performance with Dieter Ilg ('folk songs') featuring Wolfgang Muthspiel, Steve Argüelles, Dieter Ilg, Howard Levy. at Vilshofen "Jazz a/d Donau Festival" & for the SüdwestFunk, Germany.
Recording for new release: 'Born Free' (CD/ with CD-Rom Bonus track, Munich Records BMMCD296) featuring: René van Helsdingen, Essiet Okon Essiet, Marcello Pellitteri. Recorded in New York and Amsterdam. The recording includes an 8 minute music video (CDRom Bonus Track)
1999 Tour with: 'Hans Visser and Friends' 40 concerts, 'The Club' - performances at Dutch Theaters- including a performance on Dutch TV, "Paul the Leeuw". Featuring Marion Rolle, Barbara Stromberger, Marta Contreras.
Official release of the CD: Born Free. (Munich records, BMMCD296)
'BORN FREE' 99 'Luluk Purwanto & The Helsdingen Trio', ( Donald Dean, Henry Franklin, René van Helsdingen) 120 Concerts tour - Europe : including Jazz à Ramatuelle (France) Montreux Jazz Fest. (Suisse), Copenhagen Jazz Fest. (Denmark), Arhus Jazz Fest. (Denmark), Ålandia Jazz Fest. (Finland), Edinburg Jazz Fest. (Scotland), Sandviken Jazz Fest. (Sweden), Rottweil Jazz Fest. (Germany), and Django Reindhardt Jazz Fest. (France), Jazz a Mulhouse (France), A-Trane Jazz Club in Berlin, Domicil Jazz Club in Dortmund.
'BORN FREE' Australia 'Luluk Purwanto & The Helsdingen Trio', ( Victor de Boo, Belinda Moody, René van Helsdingen) 20 Concerts tour - Australia: including The Basement in Sydney, Adelaide Jazz Fest., Darwin, Katherine, Port Hedland, Perth, Albany, Melbourne, Euroa, Canberra, Kiama, Tamworth, Toowooba. (Australia tour organized by Australia Northern Europe Liaisons, Henk van Leeuwen) Supported by the Dutch Fonds voor Podiumkunsten.
2000 Building of the New Stage Bus by visual artist Aart Marcus. For the promotion of the CD, Born Free, and the new Stage Bus a music video was produced on CD-Rom Film 2000 - live recording in front of the Eiffel tower - ('4 Musicians in Paris', Spring 2000 and Lir-ilir video-clip) Munich Records BMWCD296 featuring: Marcello Pellitteri, Essiet Okon Essiet, René van Helsdingen. Camera: Martijn van Beenen.
2001 LULUK.COM tour 2001, 'Luluk Purwanto & The Helsdingen Trio', 24 concerts- Europe featuring: Marcello Pellitteri, Essiet Okon Essiet, Billy Cobham and René van Helsdingen, including Germany, Holland, Suisse, Poland.
Festival Management, JakArt @ 2001 , International Arts Cultural & Educational Festival in commemoration of the birthday of Jakarta.
2002 BORN FREE USA tour 2002, Indonesian American Dutch Cross cultural promotion tour, 'Luluk Purwanto & The Helsdingen Trio', 70 concerts- USA featuring: Marcello Pellitteri, Essiet Okon Essiet and René van Helsdingen. Performances at 45 Universities in 24 States of America. Supported by JakArt @2002, UNESCO, US Embassy Jakarta, NL EMbassy Jakarta, Indonesian Embassy, to the Holy See Rome.
, 'Luluk' - Born Free
Distributed by Warner/ Elektra/ Atlantic Corporation,
an AOL-Time Warner Company
2002/ 2003 Recordings for new release and production of a Video Clip: 'Brushes' (CD/ and CD- Brushes The Clip, Munich Records BMECD368) featuring: René van Helsdingen, Essiet Okon Essiet, Marcello Pellitteri. Recorded in New York and the Netherlands. The recording includes an 6 minute music video (CDRom, Brushes the Clip)
2003 - February 1: the spirit of peace / Performance at the Prambanan Temple, Yogyakarta with the Indonesian Art Orchestra, conducted by Dwiki Dharmawan and Singgih Sanjaya featuring vocalists Anggun, Trie Utami, Edo Kondolit, Luluk Purwanto, the Paduan Suara Mahasiswa Universitas Gajahmada choire, ISI Ethnic Ensemble -gamelan orchestra.
- Festival Management, JakArt @ 2003 , International Arts Cultural & Educational Festival in commemoration of the birthday of Jakarta.
600 events at over 200 locations in Jakarta, Indonesia.
- MAHABHARATA JAZZ AND WAYANG tour 2003, Indonesian American Dutch Cross cultural promotion tour, 'Luluk Purwanto & The Helsdingen Trio', 20 concerts in Jawa and Bali in combination with Indonesian Shadow Puppets featuring: Marcello Pellitteri, Essiet Okon Essiet and Luluk Purwanto, Nanang HaPe, Kiki Dunung, Soled Saryanto, I ketut Budiyasa, Aart Marcus, Martijn van Beenen. Performances at Universities, Cultural Heritage Sites and Village centers. Sponsored by Djarum Super and Supported by ,US Embassy Jakarta, NL EMbassy Jakarta, Indonesian Embassy, The Hague. and JakArt @2003
- Production and Editing of a Film and DVD, Mahabharata Jazz and Wayang. Camera: Martijn van Beenen. Duration 150 Minutes. for Indonesian Television sponsored by Djarum Super.
2004 - March 19:  Performances at the Pattaya Music Festival, Thailand: Luluk Purwanto & the Helsdingen Trio featuring, Benny Mustafa van Diest and Benny Likumahuwa
- Production of DVD 'Impressions of a Tour' / Mahabharata Jazz & Wayang
(editing / mixing/ production) released by Munich Records: MRDVD6002
- Festival à la Carte / May 20 – June 20, 2004  (150 events throughout 14 cities in Java and Bali – Indonesia) Management, coordination of The Stage Bus I, and performances.
Organized by JakArt @ 2004 International Arts Cultural and Educational Festival
- Aug 14 - 25 Jazz from Holland / The Stage Bus at the Olympics. Luluk Purwanto _ the Helsdingen Trio featuring Essiet Okon Essiet, Marcello Pellitteri and Jesse van Ruller . 14 concerts during the Olympic games in Athens, Greece
- Aug 11 - Sept 11: The Stage Bus from Indonesia - Festival à la Carte - 40 artists, 110 performances, touring 13 cities in the Peloponese in the framework of the Cultural Olympiad / Greece 2004
- Sep 19-26 Jazz from Holland / The Stage Bus in Greenwich.  /4 performances at the Riverfront Jazz Festival: Luluk Purwanto & the Helsdingen Trio  featuring Essiet Okon Essiet and Marcello Pellitteri. a Dutch Cultural Presentation
2005 - May 1 - Sept 25: “TULIPS 2005” …. 60TH ANNIVERSARY FRIENDSHIP TOUR - 100 performances in 76 cities throughout 10 provinces and 3 territories of Canada, offered in the spirit of peace and international friendship as a tribute to Canadian veterans on the sixtieth anniversary of the Netherlands’ liberation. Luluk Purwanto & the Helsdingen Trio featuring Essiet Okon Essiet , Marcello Pellitteri and Sylvia Cuenca. Organized in cooperation with the Canadian Tulip Festival, Ottawa, The Royal Netherlands Embassy, Ottawa and JakArt @ 2005 International Arts Cultural and Educational Festival



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