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THE DAILY IF - JakArt's own Newspaper - Reporting about things that you wish would happen - A look into your own Future - Founder: Mpu Wyasa Aesop, C.E.O.: Isaac Newton/ Edisi I no. 1-4, Saka 1408, 361 solar 2.321 - Amanat Imaginasi Rakyat/ Bila anda terangsang untuk ikut berimajinasi, hubungi: Sekretariat Daily If di Jl. Lebak Bulus II no. 20a, Cilandak Barat,Jakarta Selatan 12430. Telp/fax +62-2175907687 Flexi: 70830742. email: / website: - IF DAILY - Albert Einstein: Chief Editor/ James Joice, George Perec: Editor/ Tan Malaka: Photographer/ Madonna: Promotion/ Radhar: Cleaning Service - Everything That U Wish/ The Imaginary Festival is a concept by Mikhail David

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