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a concept






   L IFE

a series of


bordering upon a line

between reality

and deception


a clumsy construction

of illusions

though vividly lived


“Conceptual Art”






1 - 31 August







              Indonesian Fantasy


                  Imaginary Festival





Today we live in a world of blurred distinctions in which the virtual and the real intertwine, a world of intrigue and deceit in which reality and morality can be neatly rearranged and packaged for mass consumption with the ultimate aim of creating a global docile consumer society that subscribes to content conformity.   


Fantasy is ever increasingly disguised and sold as reality by those who wish to promote their products whether these are consumer goods, services, information, the news, the arts, spiritual and religious beliefs and opinions, wars, or entertainment. As a result reality for the masses has been degraded to what can be described as displaced materialized fantasies in which fantasy and imagination have no place. This reality is powered and reinforced by strong conceptualizations, such as “professionalism”, “expertise”, and so on……; concepts that belong to the virtual but cross the line to render reality more real. Conversely, that which is truly real is, with alarmingly increasing frequency, assigned to the realm of the imaginary. Today we live in a world where everything has been turned upside down.


IF is a contemporary art piece designed to entangle and disentangle these seemingly contradictory threads that so dominate our life; to explore and question our perceptions and their limitations; to expose and promote the power of imagination; to unveil and discover alternative realities while critically examining our society and the realities currently available; to inspire and foster a collective fantasy laced with imagination that if subscribed to and sustained for long enough  can in itself become a new collective reality.





is  a collaboration of

many real imaginary, real, and imaginary real


artists (from all the disciplines of the Arts)

intellectuals, critics

promoters, producers, sponsors


audiences …………………


the mass media

(radio, television,

printed media,  internet ……)


and entails

many real imaginary, imaginary real, and virtual


events, exhibitions

world premiers

interdisciplinary collaborations…………………



is endorsed and promoted by the

Imagination & Fantasy Academy

and its distinguished members



is a script,

a limited edition program book,

pamphlets, brochures, posters,

press releases and reviews ………


an exhibition


Mikhail Neocles David


The New Morality


an exhibition that explores the current trends & realities in contemporary society through a conceptual approach and which contains among other exhibits  IF…… which contains The New Morality ……




JakArt secretariat: Jln. Lebak Bulus II / 20 A, Cilandak – Jakarta 12430, INDONESIA
Tel/ fax: + 62-21-75907687,
Tel: + 62-21-70830742,


JakArt secretariat: Jln. Lebak Bulus II / 20 A, Cilandak – Jakarta 12430, INDONESIA
Tel/ fax: + 62-21-75907687,
Tel: + 62-21-70830742, email: