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  LP: Motivation featuring:  
  Essiet Okon Essiet, Rene van Helsdingen, Don Mumford, Peter Guidi  


Fjords (P. Guidi)   Tomorrow she will be ill (R. van Helsdingen)


I am going


Time (R. van Helsdingen)


Madrugada (P.Guidi)


This Album was recorded on the 23rd of September 1981 in the TTR studio in Bussum, The Netherlands. Recording and mixing engineer: Pim Gunzel.
Money makes this world go around and so this album would not be in your hands today if it were not for the 400 sponsors visualized in its cover. They all believed this album deserved to be realized and they put their minds where their hearts are.
The recording for LP "Motivation" was financed by the sale of 400 spaces on the record-cover. By raising small amounts of money from a large number of people to fund the recording of an LP-project, Rene was a pioneer in the practice of Crowdfunding.  This practice was supported and first mentioned in a television program of Mies Bouwman (Dutch TV Host) on November 3, 1981. click here to watch video clip