The Stage Bus - Luluk Purwanto & the Helsdingen Trio











  Music performed by Luluk Purwanto & the Helsdingen Trio

violin/ voice/ percussion – Luluk Purwanto

piano – René van Helsdingen

drums  – Donald Dean

bass – Kent Brinkley ( Kent plays on track 1, 2, 3 and 4))
bass - Belinda Moody (Belinda plays on track 5 and 6))

visual arts - Aart Marcus

d and managed by Helsdingen Music BV, Koninginneweg 211B, 1075CS, Amsterdam, Holland.

Track 1,2,3,4 recorded in the Stage Bus at Bovo tours, Roelofarendsveen, Holland, May 1994
Track 5 : recorded at Hagge's Music Pub, TØnder, Denmark, November 1992
Track 6 recorded at Cafe Alto, Amsterdam, November 1992
Track 1,2,3,4 Mobil Digital Recording and Mixing:
The "VAN" Studio.
Recording and mixing engineer: Jan Schuurman
Editing and mastering: The "VAN" editing studio. Paul Schuurman

  Picture front cover:
Logo Stage Bus and The Stage Restaurant,
Ratu Plaza Basement LG 01-07
Jl. Jend Sudirman, Jakarta, Indonesia

Picture inside booklet and bottom card
"the Stage Bus opened", designed and build by Aart Marcus
(Photo by Allard Wielink Fotografie.
PMA, Publicity Music Agency, Hazerswoude
All songs composed by R.v Helsdingen, L.L. Purwanto
Special thanks to COK Hotels Amsterdam
Special thanks to:
Mikhail David, Ruud Verbeek, Huub Theunissen, Bram van de Voet, Donald Cok,
Frits Seegers, Raymond Lee, Martien Ulder and Drukkerij Slinger

Peter Klomp, Frans Nieuwland, Walter Lampe, Viktor de Boo, Rob Ronner,
Joost Ballieux, Reyer van Wegen, Eric de Win, Michael Schwencke, Barbara
en Carel van Helsdingen Marcel Hendrix en Monique Linders, Steven van Wijhe,
Bart Zomer en Dimas

Piano Tuning: Chris Peck
Special thanks to Essiet Okon Essiet for letting us use your wonderfull bass.
  Belinda Moody, Rene van Helsdingen and Donald Dean, Hagge's Music Pub, TØnder,  The grand piano was delivered by Clavis Amsterdam for the recording.
   Aart Marcus building the stage bus during the recording. April/May 1994    from left to right: Rene, Donal Dean, Luluk Purwanto, Kent Brinkley and the Bovo tours team
   Jan Schuurman - The VAN Mobile studio    The Van, Mobile studio.
  the stage bus finalized and ready for on the road.   Chris Peck, musician and piano tuner, During recording at Bovo tours Roelofarendsveen.
Helsdingen Music copyrighted © 2000. All rights reserved
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