Spirit of Spring - Rene van Helsdingen, Luluk Purwanto, and Friends
Recorded in 1986, released in 1987.

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Chinese traditional music transferred by pianist Ren van Helsdingen into a new age, world, rock, jazz and dance style.

"Chinese traditional music is mostly based on pentatonic scales. In this recording I have changed the harmonies behind the melodies and created a simple cloud that enables the listener to really enjoy the melodies. 'Spirit of Spring' is an album that was created in 1987 and now, 2012, finally after 25 years I am happy to release it for downloads. Ancient melodies, played by ancient and modern instruments. It lights up your party and creates a new atmosphere".

Spirit of Spring was recorded in the Netherlands and released as a long play record in 1986 / Relukreul Records, for a company called Markgraaf.
Ren was given a box full of cassettes with authentic Chinese traditional music and within several months he created new versions of 12 traditional Chinese songs. With the help of outstanding Dutch recording artists a Chinese new age style of music was developed.
Later that same year a Longplay and a CD version were released in Hong Kong:
A 5 year contract was signed in 1986 with Pacific Music Co Ltd. 58 Pak Tai Street, Kowloon, Hong Kong.
The CD version carried the Tao label (Tao 6.260448, 1987 Pacific Music Co. LTD)

Al songs were recorded at the Spitsbergen Studio.
Spitsbergen 5, Zuidbroek, The Netherlands.
Recording date 1-12 November, 1986. Mixing: 19-23 November, 1986.  Relukreul Records, Made in Holland, 1986
Recording, mixing, sampling by Theo Balijon.
exept for "Jasmine Flower". Recorded at the Farmsound Studio,
Kabeljauw 8, Heelsum, The Netherlands. Engineer: Wil Hesen

Produced by Ren van Helsdingen
Arranged by Yin Yang - Rene van Helsdingen and Luluk Purwanto
piano and keyboards: Ren van Helsdingen
Bass/ Synthesizer: Brian Batie
Bass: Stefan Lievestro
Drums/ Drumpatterns: Egbert van Gruythuyzen
Saxophone: Ben van den Dungen
Trumpet: Evert Hekkema
Flutes: Broer Giesing, Jan ten Brug
Sampling: Albert van der Zee
Original Cover Design by: Sam CL. Ho
Side A
1) A Maid from Heaven (3.55)
2) Kiss of Spring (4:10)
3) Blooming Flowers and Full Moon (3:15)
4) This Precious Night (4:25)
5) Rose, Rose I Love You (3:25)
6) Jasmine Flower (5.15)

Side B
1) Sigh Ten Times (4,10)
2) Refections of Love (3:40
3) Happy Spring Evening (4:45)
4) Limpid Eyes of a Fair Lady (3:25)
5) Second Spring (3:40)
6) Flower Song (3:51)

Rene van Helsdingen and Theo Balijon, 1986 Zuidbroek NL

History and specifics:

A Maid from Heaven
Composer: unknown/ (Chow Lang Ping?) / arr: Rene van Helsdingen
Drums/ Drumpatterns: Egbert van Gruythuyzen
violin: Luluk Purwanto

Music from the movie: A Maid From Heaven / Seven Immortal Women / Qi Xian Nu (1963)
Film directed by:Yu Hsin Chen, Meng Hua Ho and written by Han Hsiang Li

Kiss of Spring
composer: Yao Ming/  arr: Rene van Helsdingen
Saxophone: Ben van den Dungen

Yao Min ( 姚敏; 19171967) was a Chinese popular music songwriter and singer.

Blooming Flowers and Full Moon

composer: Yen Hua/  arr: Rene van Helsdingen
violin: Luluk Purwanto
Bass: Stefan Lievestro

"Blooming Flower, Full Moon" is one of the most well known Shanghai songs from the 1920s and 30s. Sang by the golden voice Zhou Xuan, and written by Yen Hua, it's a beloved song amongst many listeners of different generations. Blooming flowers and a full moon represent beauty, peace, and love in traditional Chinese culture.


This Precious Night
composer: Wong Fook Ling/  arr: Rene van Helsdingen
Trumpet: Evert Hekkema

While Tsui Ping was singing in nightclubs, songwriter Wong Fuk Lin (王福齡) was very impressed by singer Tsui Ping's talent (Mandopop singer active from 1950 to 1971) and wrote  the song "This Precious Night" (今宵多珍重) specially for her "This Precious Night" was played to Taiwanese soldiers-in-training every night at bedtime.

Rose, Rose I Love You
composer: Chen Ko-Xin/  arr: Rene van Helsdingen
Flutes: Broer Giesing, Jan ten Brug

The original Chinese lyrics were written by Wu Cun (Ng Chuen; 吳村 W Cūn) and the music was credited to Lin Mei (林枚), a pen name for popular song composer Chen Gexin (陳歌辛). The song was first recorded in 1940 by Yao Lee (姚莉) 

Rose, Rose I love you with an aching heart.
What is your future, now we have to part?
Standing on the jetty as the steamer moves away,
Flower of Malaya, I cannot stay.

Mei Kwei, oh, Mei Kwei for my Eastern Rose.
Men crowd in dozens everywhere she goes.
In her rickshaw on the street or in a cabaret,
"Please Mei Kwei for Rose," you can hear them say.

Jasmine Flower
Composer Unknown/ trad./ arr: Rene van Helsdingen
Mo Li Hua (Chinese: 茉莉花; pinyin: Mlhuā; literally "Jasmine Flower"), is a popular Chinese folk song dating to 18th century.


Sigh Ten Times (4,10)
composer: Unknown (Fang Zhi ?)/  arr: Rene van Helsdingen
Flutes: Broer Giesing, Jan ten Brug

Refections of Love (3:40
composer: Unknown (Jin Liu ?)/  arr: Rene van Helsdingen

Happy Spring Evening (4:45)

composer unknown/ trad./  arr: Rene van Helsdingen
Drums/ Drumpatterns: Egbert van Gruythuyzen

Period: 20th Century Contemporary
Genre: Chinese Music World


Limpid Eyes of a Fair Lady (3:25)
composer: unknown (He Lu Ting?) - Ho Liu-Ting?/  arr: Rene van Helsdingen
Drums/ Drumpatterns: Egbert van Gruythuyzen


Second Spring (Di Er Chun) (3:40)
composer: Yao Ming/  arr: Rene van Helsdingen
Drums/ Drumpatterns: Egbert van Gruythuyzen
violin: Luluk Purwanto

From the movie: Second Spring 1963)
A popular Mandarin song from the 50s, written by the master songwriter Yao Min (姚敏).
It is one of the few Mandarin songs that has been successfully translated into the West under the title of "The Ding Dong Song".

曲:姚敏 | 词:易文 | 编:

明明是冷冷清清的长夜 为什么还有叮叮当当的声音.
好像是一串铃 打乱了我的心 .

为什么还有清清楚楚的灯影 看不出是喜还是惊
好像是一枝箭 穿透了我的心.

今夜的轻风, 吹来了第二春 要把消沉的夜莺吹醒.

Flower Song

Composer Unknown/ Trad./  arr: Rene van Helsdingen
Bass: Brian Batie

茉莉花 Golden Flower (Muo Lee Hwa) - a Chinese Folk Song
Inspired by a cassette (HK4.240062) of popular Chinese Music by Ella Kiang.
The song was changed into a walz with a 24 bar introduction arranged by Brian Batie.




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