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Luluk Purwanto & the Helsdingen Trio - Ojongono
1992 CD



Released on CD in 1992 by HM Productions
Released on Cassette in 1992 by WEA Hong Kong


Bonus tracks are only available on the CD



  Music performed by Luluk Purwanto & the Helsdingen Trio
piano & Keyboards – René van Helsdingen
violin/voice – Luluk Purwanto
drums – Egbert van Gruythuyzen
bass – Wiro Mahieu

Eric Visser plays guitar on "Fisherman"
Track 1 and 5 recorded at Verbeek Residence, Wassenaar Holland.
Track 2,3,4 and 6 recorded at Hotel Cafe "Oud Dommelhof",
Neerpelt Belgium

Recording/mixing engineer: Jan Schuurman
Assistent engineer: Paul Schuurman
Produced and Managed by Helsdingen Music BV, Koninginneweg
211b, 1075CS Amsterdam, Holland.

Special thanks to Verbeek Makelaar BOG, Raymond Lee, Mr. Ten Have, Amsterdam Sonesta Hotel and all the shareholders

© 1992 HM Productions, Amsterdam

1) Ojongono is a Javanese title meaning: Don't do that. A story about things you can do and not do./ 2) "Over the Hill" is about climbing up a hill and finally reaching the top: "you can see the beautiful Indonesian landscape"./ 3) Ma'am is about little children eating in Indonesia, where there is plenty of food anywhere./ 4) Kucing is about a little cat that plays, runs around and is naughty (nakal)./ 5) Fisherman is about fishing./ 6) Tilpun is the result of a phonecall.


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