The title song, l’Eau,
won the
First prize in the jazz catagory of
the 100% Music Songwriting Contest,
an annual contest that awards songwriters from all over the World.


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December 11, 2010
100% Music Songwriting Contest 2010
Artist: Mp3Trio - Song: L'eau
  Warta Jazz - October 2013

With his latest release l'Eau, Dutch pianist, born in Jakarta, René van Helsdingen intended to present something anonymous, at least in terms of packaging of an album that was launched by the Demajors label. However, when listening, looking at the theme and the content, which also has a DVD attached, this album is actually very personal; There is a poem and painting that blend with René's thematic compositions.

The Mp3 Trio, are three musicians who played together for a long time. Pianist René, bassist Essiet Okon Essiet and drummer Marcello Pellitteri. On the anonymous concept of this album René explains: "liner notes and a player's face intentionally omitted to provide space and time as possible for the careful listener. So it does not matter "who," but "what" and "how to" play the music on this album".

L'Eau is divided into eleven audio tracks, alternating between solo piano and trio. Opened by a solo piece entitled "La Civetta Balla / The Owl Dances" which is arpeggiotic, then towards meeting this interplay "Buona Mattina / Good Morning", an empathetic dialogue of piano-bass-drum with an agile swing element. It is an exclusive technical indulgence when Mp3 Trio plays "Petite Fille," a number that shows great ostinato patterns.

The title track "l'Eau" is the central theme of this album and talks about water that represents freedom, love and peace. As the title suggests, this composition is so flowing that when René starts reaching the piano keys, while Essiet and Marcello provide the rhythmic construction,the basis of water is set. There are also a number free improvisations like "Sketch 1" where all three played very organic. Finally on the rebound René performs elusive solo piano on "Un Attimo / One Moment" which celebrates the beauty of silence.

The poem written by Michel A. Therien is attached in the booklet of the album.