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  Sunday Nov 29/ 21.00 hrs
& the mp3trio
  Friday Nov 27/ 19.00 hrs
Tritone - Tiyo Alibasjah
Friday Nov 20 / 21.00 hrs
Sunday Nov 21 / 21.00 hrs
Friday Nov 22/ 21.00 hrs

Sandhy Sondoro
& the mp3trio
Saturday Nov 14 / 21.00 hrs
Angel Pieters
& the mp3trio
Saturday Nov 14 / 19.00 hrs
Jilly Likumahuwa
Friday Nov 6 / 21.00 hrs
Sunday Nov 8 / 21.00 hrs
Friday Nov 27 / 21.00 hrs

Yura Yunita
& the mp3trio
Friday Oct 30  / 21.00 hrs
Saturday Oct 31 / 21.00 hrs
Sunday Nov 1 / 21.00 hrs

Oele Pattiselanno
& the mp3trio
Saturday Oct 31 / 21.00 hrs
Sunday Nov 1 / 21.00 hrs
Saturday Nov 7 / 21.00 hrs

Dira Sugandi
& the mp3trio
  Friday Oct 30  / 21.00 hrs
Saturday Oct 31 / 21.00 hrs
Sunday Nov 1 / 21.00 hrs

Margie Segers
& the mp3trio
  Saturday Oct 24 / 21.00 hrs
Dewa Budjana
& the mp3trio
  Friday Oct 16  / 21.00 hrs
Saturday Oct 17 / 21.00 hrs
Sunday Oct 18 / 21.00 hrs
Saturday Oct 24 / 21.00 hrs

Matthew Sayersz
& the mp3trio
  Friday Oct 9  / 21.00 hrs
Saturday Oct 10 / 21.00 hrs
Sunday Oct 11 / 21.00 hrs

Tiyo Alibasjah
& the mp3trio
  Friday Oct 9  / 21.00 hrs
Saturday Oct 10 / 21.00 hrs
Sunday Oct 11 / 21.00 hrs

Rieka Roslan
& the mp3trio
  Friday Oct 2  / 21.00 hrs
Saturday Oct 3 / 21.00 hrs
Sunday Oct 4 / 21.00 hrs
Friday Oct 23 / 21.00 hrs

& the mp3trio
  Friday Sep 25  / 20.00 hrs
Saturday Sep 26 / 20.00 hrs
Sunday Sep 27 / 20.00 hrs

Friday Oct 2  / 20.00 hrs
Saturday Oct 3 / 20.00 hrs
Sunday Oct 4 / 20.00 hrs

Kevin Yosua
& the mp3trio

  Friday Sep 25  / 21.00 hrs
Saturday Sep 26 / 21.00 hrs
Sunday Sep 27 / 21.00 hrs

Bonita Adi
& the mp3trio
  Saturday Sep 19 / 19.00 hrs
Trio ABG
featuring Arief Setiadi, Gerry Herb, Bintang Indrianto
Friday Sep 18  / 21.00 hrs
Saturday Sep 19 / 21.00 hrs
Sunday Sep 20 / 21.00 hrs

Davina Raja
& the mp3trio
Friday Sep 18 / 19.00 hrs
The  fingers
featuring Indro Hardjodikoro (Bass), Fajar Adi Nugroho (Bass), Yandi Andaputra (Drum), Andy Setiawan (Keyboard)

Indro Hardjodikoro is a session bass player from Indonesia with more then 25 years experience in the music industry. Indro, together with his student Fajar Adi Nugroho, formed a group called The Fingers.
What makes this group specials, it has two bass players and with this formation it allows for duo bassist, Fajar and Indro, to improvised while there’s backline bass still playing based on jazz-funk music.
This group is completed by Yandi Andaputra (drum) and Andy ‘Gomez’ Setiawan (keyboard).
The Band has played in several Jazz Festival such as: The Java Jazz Festival, JakJazz Festival, Indonesia Jazz Festival and has visited and play in many countries such as: Russia (St. Petersburg, Protvino, Moskow, Dubna, Kazan and Elektrostal), Malaysia, Serbia, Rumania, Bulgaria, and recently played in Washington D.C., USA.

The Fingers will soon launch their 2nd album called Gadis Shanghai featuring Tompi in vocal, Ade Toembrink in Kendang and Diki Suwarjiki in Suling.

Saturday Sep 12 / 19.00 hrs
Nita Aartsen Ethno Latin Trio
featuring Mates on Bass and Jalu on percussion

Welcome to my HomeWelcome to my windowI have romanced with Music for over thirty  years now, since my childhood. And the relationship between my Music and me grows stronger everyday, more intimate and passionate Music is like a home to me. There is a dining room where I have my harmony food. There is a bed to lie down and relax my mind from my restlessness. There is a living room where I join with my fellow musicians. And even a spiritual room for peace and inspiration. And there is also a big garden for joy and fun and excitement. Music gives me the space to express myself and to be myself. Welcome to my Music! Welcome to my Home! Nita Aartsen

Nita Aartsen was born in Jakarta, Indonesia and started learning the piano at the tender age of five. After spending three years in the Moscow Conservatory learning Contemporary Jazz, she returned to Indonesia in 1986, to take over as the state pianist of the Republic of Indonesia. In that role, which she held for over fifteen years, she had the privilege of playing for the then US president Bill Clinton as well as Prince Bernard of Holland amongst many other distinguished state guests. Simultaneously, she created a niche for herself in the world of Indonesian music, playing with and also arranging and composing for such established names as Erwin Gutawa, Dwiki Dharmawan, KLA Project, Indra Lesmana, Gilang Ramadhan, God Bless, Titi DJ etc. She also taught at one of Indonesias best music schools, Farabi, helping to build and inspire future musicians. Between 1999 and 2000 she lived and worked in Holland, working with Dutch musicians in the studio and also at live performances. After returning to Jakarta in 2001, she started working towards her goal of taking Classical Music and Jazz to a larger audience. In the last eight years, she has done numerous TV and radio shows, played at events and concerts at home and abroad, held regular gigs at premium music venues in Jakarta and slowly built a strong foundation upon which to launch herself into the world stage. More recently she has played with Michael Paulo and Pauline Wilson from USA for the annual Java Jazz Festival. All the hard work and dedication finally paid off when she received a three album recording contract with the Indonesian label, Platinum. She released her first album with the Nita Aartsen Quatro, titled all nite out in 2009. It is a tour de force of Latin Jazz tracks, all of which are based on Classical or Jazz standards. Nita in her own indomitable style has taken something serious and sombre like Classical and has turned it into feet-tapping, hip-swaying Latino music with a generous helping of Jazz. The result is fun and enjoyable, to say the least. The album received good reviews in the Indonesian media and she has been doing concerts all over Indonesia to promote the album.

Friday Sep 11  / 21.00 hrs
Saturday Sep 12 / 21.00 hrs
Sunday Sep 13 / 21.00 hrs

Inna Kamarie
& the mp3trio

Inna Kamarie awalnya dikenal sebagai anggota grup vokal Dewi Dewi yang di bentuk oleh Ahmad Dhani. Dari seorang penyanyi pop rock menjadi penyanyi jazz. Inna sering bernyanyi di sejumlah festival jazz internasional, dan juga bernyanyi di beberapa Lounge dan Cafe yang berfokus pada musik jazz. Inna Kamarie aktif dengan komunitas jazz di Jakarta & Bekasi dan ia mendirikan sebuah kursus vokal bersama suaminya Beben Jazz.

Friday Sep 11  / 19.00 hrs
Sunday Sep 13 / 19.00 hrs

Andre Dinuth Group

Guitar is a means of expression for Andre Dinuth, born Aug 3rd 1982  He has worked both in the recording studio and live on stage with artists in the likes of Glenn Fredly, Sandhy Sondoro, Rio Febrian, Andi Rianto, Erwin Gutawa, Afgan, Rossa,Marcell,  Trio Lestari etc. On June 25th 2014 he released his first solo album and the recording process was supported by his mentors and friends such as Indro Hardjodikoro & Adhitya Pratama on bass, Agung EXO & Yandi Andaputra on drums, Alvin Lubis & Irwan Simanjuntak on keys/synth/piano with special guests George Tanasale on Tifa Nicky Manuputty on Alto Saxophone and Didiet Violin in an instrumental fusion blend of Jazz,Rock,Pop and Progressive. Alongside his solo projects and sessions he also is a member of the group SixStrings consisting of Dewa Budjana, Tohpati, Baron,Baim & Eross Chandra, that has released an album e is actively involved in teaching guitar in the Guitar Performance Department of School of Creativity & Arts (SOCA)-IMI (Institut Musik Indonesia). Currently Andre Dinuth is  in the process of recording his upcoming 2nd solo album and will be also on the road touring with Glenn Fredly 17th anniversary concert tour.

Andre Dinuth also fronted his own band, The Andre Dinuth Group, consisting of Andre Dinuth (guitars),Adhitya Pratama (bass), Yandi Andaputra (drums), and Marthin Siahaan (keys). The group has played on numerous jazz gigs including Java Jazz Festival last march and the Indonesia Jazz Festival 2015 during which he performed songs from his solo album with some surprises and some  re-arrangements blending Rock and Jazz-Fusion with rich Impromptu improvisation.