The Stage Bus I - JakArt's traveling festival stage  
parked at and maintained by


A Special vehicle to offer JakArt Festival a unique way to travel and stage events.  The side of the Stage bus can be lowered to form a stage and raised for travel. 
Supported by:
PO Nusantara
a safe house for the Stage Bus
This Year the Stage Bus will be parked at
the parking Area of
Taman Ismail Marzuki, TIM,
Jalan Cikini Raya 73,
Jakarta 10330
JakArt@2008 International Arts Cultural and Educational Festival

Designed and rebuild in 1994 by electro technical engineer and visual artist Aart Marcus

Equiped with Grand piano, instruments, back drop, lighting and a  complete sound system. The back of the bus includes a studio room mixing consul.

 The speaker on the roof creates perfect sound, free of feedback. The speaker behind the back door brings the sound close to you.


A charming stage that can be a perfect addition to any festival in the world. The best way to bring arts and culture to the people, and you.

The Stage Bus has travelled all over Europe
Australia, Canada, America.
shipped by flat rack, cattle ship, container and Ro Ro

for more information please visit 

JakArt secretariat: Jln. Lebak Bulus II / 20 A, Cilandak Jakarta 12430, INDONESIA
Tel/ fax: + 62-21-75907687, Tel: + 62-21-70830742,