Visual Artist.


27 years old


University Studies


-          Graduate in Arts, Faculty of Arts, Catholic University of Chile (2000-2004)


-          Graduate in Education and Secondary School Professor in Visual Arts,  Faculty of Education, Educational Training Program, Catholic University of Chile (2005)


Secondary Studies


-          Bachelor Degree, granted by the Ministry of Education of Spain, Cervantes Spanish College, Rome, Italia (1996-2000)


Primary Studies


-          San Agustin College, Santiago, Chile (1988)

-          Indian International School, Beijing, P.R. China (1989-1991)

-          International Rodaberg School, Stockholm, Sweden (1991-1993)

-          La Abadia College, Santiago, Chile (1994-1995)


Other specialization courses in the arts field


-          Batik Course, Textile Museum, Jakarta, Indonesia (2004)

-          Painting on Porcelain Course, Rome, Italy (2000)

-          Academy of Fine Arts of Rome, Italy (1999-2000)

-          Drawing Course, San Nicola Academy, Rome, Italy (1998-1999)

-          Vetrinismo Altieri Academy, Rome, Italy (1999-2000)

-          Private Lessons on Painting Techniques by artist Marisa Crimmi, Rome, Italy (1999)




-          Spanish:  Reads, speaks and writes.  First language

-          English:   Reads, speaks and writes.  High level of understanding

-          Italian:     Reads, speaks and writes.  High level of understanding

-          Chinese (Mandarin):  Speaks at a basic level


Working experience


-          2006-up to date: Art teacher from Kindergarten -5th. JIS Jakarta International School, Jakarta, Indonesia.

-          Assistant Professor in Painting I Course, Catholic University of Chile (2002-2004)

-          Assistant Professor in Drawing I Course, Catholic University of Chile (2002-2004)

-          Alternative Professor in Painting and Drawing Courses, Vicente Perez Rosales University, during a month, Santiago, Chile (2004)

-          Visual Arts Lessons (Primary and Secondary School), San Juan Evangelista College, one semester (2004)

-          Private Painting Lessons, Santiago, Chile (2004-2005)

-          Private English Lessons, Rome, Italy (1999-2000)

-          Private Painting Lessons, Rome, Italy (1999-2000)

-          Arts Workshops, carried out during the summer of 2003 in Antuco, Chile, Catholic University of Chile



Participation in Exhibitions


-          Umbrales Exhibition.  Selection of the best graduation projects presented by the newly graduated students or the Faculty of Arts.  Organized by the Directorate General of Development and the School of Arts.  Now being exhibited in the Center of Development of the Catholic University of Chile (2005)


-          Publication of a work of art in the magazine Cuadernos de Arte 2005, which contains the best graduation, works of the 2004 generation of the Faculty of Arts of the Catholic University of Chile, Santiago, 2005.  The magazine appears in the internet site


-          Collective Exhibition of the Dual Residency Workshop carried out in Mendoza, Argentina (2004)


-          Exhibition Proyecto Conjunto II, carried in the site of the old San Jose Hospital, Santiago, Chile (2003)


-          Collective Exhibition of Italian Artists Copias de Autor, carried out in the Hotel Denon, Rome, Italy (2002)


-          Collective Exhibition of Visual Arts Visión de mi País, organized by the Association of Spouses of Carrier Diplomats of Chile, Santiago, Chile (2000).  First Prize


-          Collective Exhibition La Paz, carried out en the Cervantes Spanish College, Rome, Italy (1999).  First Prize






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