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Gods, Fate and a Librarian
by Erica Glyn-Jones and Haidee Crowe

one act play from South Africa


Laying Blame
Haidee Crowe  / written by Karen Jeynes
one person show from South Africa

workshop for script writing and Improvisation"
by Karen Jeynes

Gods, Fate and a Librarian
There are three sides to every story...

Best described as manic, mythical mayhem: Gods, Fate and a Librarian investigates religion, politics and a the different ways to use a ladder... The Fates are hard at work, carefully balancing the needs of the Gods with the personalities of humans. Their latest assignment is to organise the elements of a new religion, everything must go according to plan or the world faces the end of everything... The Apocalypse. When the chosen Messiah is accidentally killed too early the Fates are forced to choose an unlikely replacement...

Co- written by Erica Glyn-Jones and Haidee Crowe with a strong artistic influence from Michael Pearce, this one act play takes a light look at the heavier topics in life.

This feisty show is appearing  at the Prof.DR. Djajusman Auditorium and Performance Hall, Campus B, STIKOM The London School of Public Relations – Jakarta,
Sudirman Park Jl. K.H. Mas Mansyur Kav. 35, Jakarta Pusat  on August 5th, 2008.


“Laying Blame”


is a funny, hard-hitting one-woman show that invites you into the unbalanced mind of a very, very ordinary girl. Actress Haidee Crowe takes you on a guided tour of Average – just be sure to mind the gap!

Laura is a middleclass, middle-of-the-road, middle daughter who has lost her way and now searches desperately for clues to the collapse of her safe, humdrum world. With great compassion and humour, “Laying Blame” maps out the excruciating ordinariness of a regular suburban upbringing.

Written by multi-award-winner Karen Jeynes, “Laying Blame” has been performed in four languages in ten cities. Uncompromising in its honesty and simplicity, this is a fascinating journey along such familiar paths, where everyday details may hold clues to the moment where balance becomes unbalanced. Jeynes’ protagonist has had all the advantages the average, relatively affluent family offers its children; her parents have done everything by the book. Nothing horrific has happened to her - yet her life has collapsed. Her efforts to make sense of this history are both terrifying and very, very funny. And very lucid. As G.K. Chesterton put it – “ the madman is not the man who has lost his reason. The madman is the man who has lost everything except his reason”.

Haidee Crowe tackles the role for the first time, bringing to it new insights from her own life. The play brings home a simple message – as R.E.M says “Everybody Hurts”. The reminder that we are not alone in our humanity is an important one.

Haidee Crowe performing a one person show, "Laying Blame"  (Written by Karen Jeynes

"Laying Blame" has been performed in ten cities in four coutries, and been translated into three languages. This one person comedy follows Laura as she tries to peel away the layers of family, friends, school and relationships to find out who she really is. Critics have hailed it as "cool", "memorable", "great entertainment". Written by multi-award winning playwright Karen Jeynes, "Laying Blame" is forty five minutes of fun which leaves you with the warm feeling that you are not alone in this world, but part of a global humanity.

Haidee Crowe


Making the leap from computer programmer for Cambridge University to professional actress, Haidee graduated with Merit from City Varsity Drama College in Cape Town. She has studied, directed and performed steadily since. Recent theatre credits include: a successful run of ‘Gods Fate and a Librarian’ at the HIFA festival 2008, Zimbabwe;  'Surfacing' which received glowing reviews at the prestigious Grahamstown festival, South Africa and ‘Nuff Sed’ with FTH:K (from the hip: khulumakahle) a young, funky, Deaf/hearing integrated theatre company.  Haidee has starred in seven creative short films over the last four years, including 'Under Control' which won Best Picture at the Golden Pigeon Awards.  Haidee directs ‘Kidstuf’, a series of American Scripts designed for families, the aim being to explore life values through humour and interest. Haidee’s first forage into play writing was accepted for a reading in the New Writers Programme at Artscape, Cape Town’s State Theatre.   Haidee has worked with: Hollywood Heart creating movies with under privileged children from township areas, Jungle Theatre facilitating drama workshops around eco-issues and lectured drama at Boston House College.

Erica Glyn- Jones

runs the double life of IT consultant, and Thespian. She is on the board of PANSA – Performing Arts Network South Africa, and is involved in several projects aimed at building, binding and branding a sustainable theatre and dance industry in Cape Town. Originally from Zimbabwe, Erica has spent most of her life in a theatre. She is a recent member of Over The Edge, a respected Zimbabwean theatre company, and most recently performed Beatrice in their production of Shakespeare’s much loved, Much Ado About Nothing. Erica has previously written and produced two comedies, both in their careers having had sold out houses, and festival tours, including the Edinburgh Festival in Scotland. She has written extensively for publications and websites in Cape Town, reviewing theatre and commenting on current theatrical trends. Gods, Fate and a Librarian is her current project, co-written and performed with Haidee Crowe and is her first experience of playing with the ‘Clowning Genre’ which she is greatly enjoying and inspired by.

Karen Jeynes

An award-winning scriptwriter, as well as a director and producer, Karen Jeynes is one of the exciting new voices in South African theatre. She has worked on numerous events and festivals, including Mother City Queer Project (MCQP), the Cape Town Fashion Festival, the National Arts Festival, Wordfest and the Learning Cape Festival. More recently, she was the co-ordinator of the Spier Performing Arts Festival, ‘Infecting the City’, and is the Director of the 48 Hours Festival in Cape Town. She will be bringing the Short&Sweet Festival to South Africa in 2009.

Her plays include Everybody Else (is fucking perfect; Go Home Affairs, Kiss Kiss; Backwards in High Heels; Bedtime Stories for Big Boys and Girls, a literary theatrical experience; Don’t Mention Sex; and Laying Blame a one-person show which has been performed in three languages in ten cities and features at this year’s JakArt Festival. Forthcoming plays include I’ll have what she’s having, sky too big and Getting There.

She also teaches scriptwriting for the South African Writers College and runs scriptwriting workshops, and facilitates the Young Writers Project. In her spare time, she works as a freelance journalist/copywriter/editor and has also had two books published as part of the Siyagruva Series for New Africa Books.

Karen is active in a number of professional associations and is General Secretary of the Performing Arts Network of South Africa (PANSA) Western Cape, theatre co-ordinator for the South African Scriptwriters Union (SASWU) and member of the South African Freelancers Association (SAFREA) and the International Centre for Women Playwrights (ICWP).

She has been working on her epic play ‘The Son of God’ for many years and may complete it by 2010, although unfortunately it has nothing to do with soccer. She lives in Cape Town with her (mostly) fabulous husband and two (mostly) adorable sons.




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