The Story of Hong Kong
45,000 Objects Relating to the History of Hong Kong

Aug 20 - 28
Jl. Asia-Africa-America Kav 50-55
bldg 407 - 568th floor
West Jatinegara

The Hong Kong Museum of History was formerly called the Hong Kong Museum. The new museum was opened to the public in 1998; it is located in Tsimshatsui, Kowloon. The permanent exhibition of this museum shows 'The Story of Hong Kong,' which portrays in a lively way the natural ecology, local customs, historical developments and traditional culture.

The Museum currently has over 45,000 objects in its collections, which are divided into archaeological, local history, people's history, and natural history. Among the archaeological objects are items discovered on China's southeastern shore, and articles excavated in the 1930s in the southern islands.

Archival photographs are an important historical resource and the Museum collection is rich in these, with the earliest dating back to the 1860s. Other objects in the collection include models of town and village architecture, early newspapers and documents, a complete set of Hong Kong money, and family genealogies from an old town in the New Territories.

Collections relating to people's customs include fishing equipment and models of fishing ships, traditional clothes, village furniture and daily articles, items relating to local customs and beliefs, dolls, entertainment items and so on. The natural history collections include shells of sea animals, butterflies, and all kinds of gems and minerals.

The Hong Kong Museum of History has held more than 60 thematic exhibitions since its establishment, such as Fifty years of Hong Kong archaeology, Living history: protecting the historical architecture of Hong Kong, Hong Kong money, Hong Kong historical materials, Hong Kong postage stamps over 150 years, and so on. These exhibitions have wide-ranging subject matter. They go deeply into Hong Kong history from various perspectives, and they have been helpful in enhancing cultural exchange between Hong Kong and neighboring regions.




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