Preserve the culture

Marcel Pinas, is a descendant of the N'dyuka maroons of Surinam, also known as the Aucaners. His art is about experiences from the past, it deals with the destruction of the N'dyuka culture in Surinam. In his work he expresses that situation, also by paying attention to the protection of cultures in general: Kibri a kulturu' or 'preserve the culture'. So this theme is the soul of the work of Marcel Pinas: "The symbols that play a role in my work are the motifs that are used by the N’dyuka”. Pinas’ canvasses, which make up the principal part of his work, underline his intention to preserve elements from the N’dyuka culture also in the present day. Colours, which generally have their origin in Surinam’s multi-coloured nature, are liberally applied to the canvas. Significant symbols, parts of implements,

pieces of fabric: there is always something extra in the work of Marcel Pinas. The wealth of the culture is reflected by the canvas and leaves its mark on the 'objets d'art'.

Beyond the canvas

In the past few years Pinas’ growing need to no longer limit himself to the canvas, but to make increasingly large

installations has become visible. Initially this was expressed in ‘something extra’ at the regular exhibitions. In 2003,

for example, he used large parts of a dugout as a showpiece at the Tembé exhibition. In 2005, blown up and sometimes distorted implements were displayed at the Sanfika exhibition:

a grotesquely elongated ‘wasuma’ (washboard) and an absurdly high stool. Other showpieces at this talked-about exhibition were huge kitchen shelves and iron cages with implements inside. His critical view of society was clearly visible in a series of mixed-media works in which aluminium spoons symbolize the nation that sinks deeper and deeper under the red thread of values.  'Sanfika', the name of the exhibition means

‘what is left? That is the question Pinas seems to ask himself, but also his audience, with increasing intensity. And even more: how do we handle what is left?

The public

The opinion of the audience is important to Marcel Pinas only to the extent that he feels that art must evoke a response;

it has to stir up interest in the audience.  Art is a means of communication for Pinas: ‘I live in society, I am part of it. My personal feeling on this is what I try to express and for that I use my art. The dialogue with society that Marcel Pinas has entered into is an ongoing one. His theme may be constant, but the dynamics of society keep Pinas’ creative spirit permanently in motion, thus ensuring the audience of an always fascinating body of works that surprises you over and over again. Pinas: ‘The work becomes richer every time. You basically continue to grow as an artist.’ The art continuously gains depth, without losing its playfulness.

Marcel Pinas, SR (22-3-1971, Marowijne, SR)



Natuur Technisch Instituut, Paramaribo, SR, 1990-1994

Edna Manley College of Visual Arts, New Kingston, JM, 1997-1999



Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten/Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, 2007


2005 Landkreis Waldeck-Frankenberg, DE, 'Bewegter Wind', first prize

2002 Utrecht, NL, 'Business Finance Art Award'

1999 Edna Manley College for Visual and Performing Arts, JM, Top Student

(Selected) solo exhibitions

2008 Beddington Fine Art, Bargemon,FR,Kibi Wi

2007 Art lease Contemporary Art,Utrecht,NL,Kibi Wi

2007 Le Cygne, Salernes, FR

2007 Artlease / Contemporary Art, Utrecht, NL

2006 Galerie Roos van Tudor, Leeuwarden, NL, 'Suriname'

2006 Tropenmuseum, Amsterdam, NL, 'Reconnecting Africa', installation  in the permanent exhibition 'Afrika'

2006 Stichting Galerie Nola Hatterman, Amsterdam, NL, 'Kibi Wi'

2005 Camp de la Transportation, Saint-Laurent-du-Maroni, GY, 'Relegation Collective'

2005 Readytex Art Gallery, Paramaribo, SR, 'Sanfika'

2005 Art und Kultur Claudia Langer, Freienwil, CH, 'Kibri a kulturu'

2004 Marowijne, SR, 'Moiwana 86', installation

2004 Restaurant Paris, Cayenne, GF, 'Kibri a Kulturu'

2003 Camp de la Transportation, Saint-Laurent-du-Maroni, GF, 'Kibri a Kulturu'

2002 Sale Martin Penna, Brasilia, BR, 'Afaka'

2001 Conselle General Gallery, Cayenne, GF, 'Kibri a kulturu'

2001 Art Creators Gallery, TT, 'Kibri a Kulturu'

2000 Anres Bellos Gallery, Paramaribo, SR, 'Kibri a Kulturu'

2000 Camp de la Transportation, Saint-Laurent-du-Moroni, GY, 'Kibri a Kulturu'

(Selected) group exhibitionist

2008  Galerie MK, Berlin , Germany ,The Present of the Furure ,

2007 Rijks akademie , Open atelier, Amsterdam

2007 De Oude Kerk, Amsterdam, NL, 'Art Moves'

2007 Galerie Roos van Tudor, Leeuwarden, NL, 'Blij met een dode mus'
Hoorn, NL, '1 Hoorn ART Route'

2006 Galerie Roos van Tudor, Leeuwarden, NL, 'Recto Verso'

2006 Museum De Fundatie, Zwolle, NL, 'Uitgepakt in Zwolle'

2006 Bolivar Gallery, Kingston, JM, 'Ancestral Whispers II'

2006 Kunstvlaai 6, Amsterdam, NL

2006 Palau Altea, Altea, ES, 'Fiesta Holandesa'

2006 Hotel de Ville de Paris, Paris, FR, 'Terre d'Amazonie'

2005 CBK Zuidoost, Amsterdam, NL, 'Nieuwe Aanwinsten'

2005 Camp de la Transportation, GF, 'Relegation collective'

2005 LandArt-Konferenz, Sachsenberg, DE

2004 Readytex Art Gallery, Paramaribo, SR, 'Open House'

2003 ReadyTex Art Gallery, Paramaribo, SR, 'Tembe'

2003 Carifesta VIII, Paramaribo, SR

2003 Wereldmuseum Rotterdam, Rotterdam, NL, 'Erfenis van Slavernij'

2003 Galerie Pauw, Oisterwijk, NL, 'Surinaamse Kunst'

2003 Bolivar Gallery, Kingston, JM, 'Ancestral Whispers'

2003 Museum Tongerlohuys, Roosendaal, NL, 'Exotic Caribbean'

2003 Surinaams Museum, Paramaribo, SR, 'Great Expectations'

2003 Temporary Art Gallery, AN, 'Otrabanda vieja', Curacao

2002 SBK Amsterdam, Amsterdam, NL

2002 SBK Helmond, Helmond, NL

2002 Stichting Galerie Nola Hatterman, Amsterdam, NL, 'De Rode Loper'

2002 Business Finance Beurs, Utrecht, NL

2002 Synagoge Buren, Buren, NL, 'Surinaamse kunst'

2002 Art Creators Gallery, Port of Spain, TT, 'Contemporary Art'

2001 Halfield Foundation, Georgetown, GY, 'Surinamese Contemporary Art'

2001 Krasnapolsky Gallery, Paramaribo, SR

2001 Nederlandse Ambassade, Paramaribo, SR

2000 Kiskedee Gallery, Port of Spain, TT, 'Suriname'

2000 Gallery 508, Brasilia, BR, 'Suriname no cambio cultural'

1999 Surinaams Museum, Paramaribo, SR, 'Celebrating Youth'

1999 Ons Erf, Paramaribo, SR, 'Contemporary art'

1999 Edna Manley College for Visual and Performing Arts, Kingston, JM, 'Fourteen days'

1996 Waterfront Art Festival, Paramaribo, SR

1996 National Arts Festival, Paramaribo, SR

1995 Surinaams Museum, Paramaribo, SR, 'Colors'

1995 Waterfront Art Festival, Paramaribo, SR

1995 National Arts Festival, Paramaribo, SR

1994 National Arts Festival, Paramaribo, SR

1994 Surinaams Museum, Paramaribo, SR, 'Tamara'

1993 National Arts Festival, Paramaribo, SR

(Selected) artfairs

2006 Holland Art Fair, NL

2005 Art International Zurich, Zürich, CH


2006 'Kribi a kulturu', Marcel Pinas


1992 Nola Hatterman Instituut, Paramaribo, PR, Artistic Employee, 1992-present


Telecommunications Company Suriname, SR

Energie Bedrijven Suriname, SR

Suriname Water Board, SR

Billiton Maatchappij Suriname, SR

Dutch Embassy, SR

Consulate of Russia, SR

private collections








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