Press JakArt @ 2003 -Adam Baldych 

Adam Baldych performed 5 times during the Festival
Guest star With Ireng Maulana – Pasar festival, Friday June 20
Guest star With ireng Maulana- Mario’s Place, Tuesday June 24
Guest star With the Idang Rashidi Trio – Bimasena , Friday June 27
Solo performance  At The Art of Japan for children – Zeita Gallery, Sunday June 29
Guest star With Nial Djuliarso Trio – Zoom Club, Monday June 30

Adam was able to come to Indonesia because of the support of the wonderful jazz club Pod Filarami, Boguslaw Dziekanski and the Small Jazz Academy and the city of Gorzów Wlkp, Poland
"Watch out for this incredible jazz violinist"

Adam "Virus" Baldych was born in 1986, and began playing violin in 1995. At 12 years of age he won the “all-Polish Violin Contest”  playing classical music. His interest in jazz started three years ago, when he first made contact with  the "Small Jazz Academy" organised in Gorzów by Jazz Club "Pod Filarami". Today he has played not only with many polish jazz musicians, but with famous international jazz names such as: Luluk Purwanto and The Helsdingen Trio featuring Billy Cobham, Didier L'abbe and others.  His first recording: “Hotel Nadmorski", with his "Up to Date" Group.  He has a  love for electric jazz, and is inspired by: Joe Zawinul, Scot Henderson, and Miles Davis.  
A second recording has been made recently. Soon more information.
As a Graduate of the “Small Jazz Academy” Adam Baldych and his group " Up to date", received the second award in The International Jazz Competition " Jazz Juniors" in Krakow. Adam also took the first prize at the National Jazz Competition “Sax Club in Gdynia“, was winner of the prize " The Key to the Career " during the XXVIII Porska Jazz Autumn , and received the third prize in the “National Violionist Competition” in Poznań .  

The Small Jazz Academy was established in 1985 in Gdańsk and was associated with the Northern Branch of the Polish Jazz Association .In it’s first years the academy functioned in many cities, mainly in the Pomorze Region.. Due to the economic recession many of the schools had to close. Only the Academy in Gorzów Wlkp.,managed to survive where lectures have been continuously conducted since April 1986. The organizer of The Small Jazz Academy is Mr. Bogusław Dziekański, The Managing Director of Jazz Club " Pod Filarami ". The objective was the aesthetical education of children and teenagers, and their preparation for participation in culture development, creating culture habits and needs, and developing general interests in music and a sense of rhythm. The programme of The Small Jazz Acadmy is not strict, Basicly it includes 2 yearly educational  cycles.  In the first year classical and traditional jazz is presented - its development and characteristic elements . In the second year - modern jazz and its electronic instruments . Within these general frames - the first year includes such subjects as: rhythm, improvisation, blues, acoustic jazz instruments, arrangement, vocalism from work songs to modern.  The second year includes such subjects as: the world's rhythms, jazz and folk music, the violin and modern use of violin, improvisation with the use of synthesizers, the use of computer in music, new trends in music: Rap, Hip-Hop, Acid Jazz. The students of each educational cycle are primarily pupils from 5th and 6th grades of primary school but also includes kids from kinder-gardens and university students. Yearly there are about 2400 children from 19 primary schools and the music school in Gorzów Wlkp, Kostrzyń, Słubice, Witnica, from village schools in Różanki and Kamień Mały and from the kindergarden in Nowiny Wielkie. In total there are 2200 students graduating from the Small Jazz Academy. The Lecturers include musicians and theorists amongst 50 of the most famous polish and foreign jazz players. (Leszek Dranicki, Zbigniew Jakubek, Marek Kazana, Piotr Lemański, Zbigniew Lewandowski, Bernard Maseli, Joachim Mencel, Roman Puchowski, Brad Terry, Adam Wendt...and many others). The Small Jazz Academy is sponsored by: TV BET International (USA) Foundation The Gift of Jazz z Denver (USA) Polish Culture Foundation and the Stefan Batory Foundation  (Poland)  

Solo performance  At The Art of Japan for children
Zeita Gallery, Sunday June 29, 2003
Group photo with the audience and organizers

Guest star With
the Idang Rasjidi Trio Bimasena Club , Friday June 27
Adam and the JakArt Team
Going home
Luluk Purwanto
at Pod Filarami tour