In 1999 JakArt was established as a grass-roots organization to demonstrate, expose, share, encourage and promote the benefits to be gained from the development and promotion of the arts ; the importance of CREATIVITY in our social, economic, and cultural activities; the significance of Human Values and Freedom of Expression in development; Indonesia's image internationally by placing it on the cultural map of the world; enhanced media exposure for the arts both locally & internationally; the wealth and diversity of our Cultural Heritage; contemporary artistic development; the benefits  of intercultural and interdisciplinary artistic collaboration, exchange and comraderie; the importance of audience building; the establishment of a forum to empower people to take responsibility for their own development; volunteerism; greater Sponsor interest & support; increased government support and funding for the Arts and arts education; increased corporate involvement; support and funding for the Arts; the establishment of an Endowment Fund for the Arts.

The result was JakArt @ 2001, JakArt @ 2002 & JakArt & 2003 international Arts, Cultural & Educational Festivals presented in the month of June, to commemorate Jakarta’s Anniversary. The JakArt Festivals have hosted: Over 1000 events, from world-class performances & exhibitions to public art & spontaneous expression, In over 300 venues and locations in and around Jakarta, ranging from conventional to the alternative, In collaboration with over 200 government and NGO organizations& associations, foreign embassies, etc, Involving over 1000 enthusiastic volunteers, from all walks of life, including many artists. JakArt has attracted positive and critical attention and the interest and support of many associations and organizations including: City/ Provincial Government of Jakarta, The Indonesian Ministries of: Culture & Tourism, Foreign Affairs & Education, International and local media, Foreign Embassies, NGO’s, The corporate section, The endorsement of UNESCO and an invitation to become, together with Singapore, Shanghai & Hong Kong a founding member of the confederation of Asia Pacific Performing Arts Festivals

In July 2003 JakArt presented at the National Museum, Jakarta: “ Homage to the eternal Creativity of the Human Race”. This unique


installation/ exposition was designed as a sketch of atmospheric impressions suggesting the scope and possibilities (on a national and international scale) of the proposal for the creation of a traveling and fully comprehensive chronological Educational Exposition (a traveling museum) of the most important examples of art produced throughout human history around the world, from the cave dweller to the present, in the form of museum replicas in an “atmospheric” context using material from both the Tangible Heritage and Intangible heritage from around the world. The event was officiated by the Director General of UNESCO, Mr. Koichiro Matsuura & the Indonesian Minister for Culture & Tourism, Mr. I Gede Ardika.

In 2004 JakArt Organized and Presented: Festival à la Carte May 20 – June 20,
A unique Traveling Festival visiting cities in Java & Bali in collaboration with over 170 Local Partners in cities visited & the participation of over 150 traveling artists (from all over Indonesia and from abroad) and over 500 local artists presented their art in over 140 locations
& In collaboration with the Indonesian Ministry of Culture & Tourism, The Indonesian National Committee for the Cultural Olympiad, Ministry of Culture of the Hellenic Republic & the Cultural Olympiad organized and presented: Festival à la Carte: The Stage Bus from Indonesia touring the Peloponnese August 25 – September 11, 2004. Visiting 15 cities & municipalities in Greece presenting a mixture of over 12 programs featuring a kaleidoscope of  the diversity and richness of the Indonesian Arts and Culture and inviting the participation of multi-national artists to foster and promote a better understanding between nations and cultures.


Today we live in a world of blurred distinctions in which the virtual and the real intertwine, a world of intrigue and deceit in which reality and morality can be neatly rearranged and packaged for mass consumption with the ultimate aim of creating a global docile consumer society that subscribes to content conformity.

Fantasy is ever increasingly disguised and sold as reality by those who whish to promote their products whether these are consumer goods, services, information, the news, the Arts, spiritual and religious beliefs and opinions, wars, or entertainment. As a result reality for the masses has been degraded to what can be described as displaced materialized fantasies in which fantasy and imagination have no place. This reality is powered and reinforced by strong conceptualizations, such as “professionalism”, “expertise”, and so on….; concepts that belong to virtual but cross the line to render realty more real.

Conversely, that which is truly real is, with alarmingly increasing frequency, assigned to the realm of the imaginary. Today we live in a world where everything has been turned upside down.

IF is a contemporary art piece designed to entangle and disentangle these seemingly contradictory threads that so dominate our life; to explore and question our perceptions and their limitations; to expose and promote the power of imagination; to unveil and discover alternative realities while critically examining our society and the realities currently available; to inspire and foster a collective fantasy laced with imagination that if subscribed to and sustained for long enough can in itself become a new collective realty.

IF is a collaboration of many real imaginary, real, and imaginary real artists (from all the disciplines of the Arts) intellectuals, critics, promoters, sponsors, volunteers, audiences ………… and the mass media (radio, television, printed media, internet) and entails many real imaginary, imaginary real, and virtual performances, events, exhibitions, world premiers, interdisciplinary collaborations ……………….

IF is endorsed and promoted by the Imagination & Fantasy Academy and its distinguished members.

IF is a script, a limited edition program book, pamphlets, brochures, posters, press releases and reviews …… and an exhibition by Mikhail Neocles David entitled The New Morality.

An exhibition that explores the current trends & contradictions in contemporary society through conceptual symbolism & which contains among other exhibits IF …………. Which contains The New Moralit
y …..

In 2005 JakArt Presents and supports:
Tulips 2005
60th anniversary Friendship tour
May 6 – September 25
In conjunction with the 60th Anniversary
of the Liberation of the Netherlands


Indonesian Fantasy, Imaginary Festival, Celebrating Indonesia 60 years
August 16 – September 16, 2005