Our concert today is a special tribute to
Pte N.T. Scudamore
Royal Hamilton Light Infantry

Photo top:

Mr. Hans H. Westenberg
Honorary Consul for the Netherlands

Photo middle left to right:
MWO Doug R. Hildebrand, CD (ret'd)
Curator of the Military Communications & Electronics Museum

Richard Archambault
Volunteer of the Military Communications & Electronics Museum

They called themselves: '2 old soldiers' standing near the 'mascotte'
The central figure of the Canadian Signal Corps badge was the Roman God Mercury, symbolic of speed. This symbol continues to be central to the present Communications and Electronics badge. He is affectionately known to signal personnel throughout the world as "Jimmy".

Photos bottom:
Richard Archambault
would like to pay tribute to his father:

Sergeant R. J. Archambault MM
87th Canadian Infantry Battalion
(Canadian Grenadier Guards)
11 Canadian Infantry Brigade
4th Canadian Division
Canadian Expeditionary Forces