Photo top:

Visiting the Royal Bank of Canada
Ms. Donna Bruce
would like to pay tribute to her father:

Private Donald Bruce WWII Veteran
from Silver Ridge MB
Gunner with the Royal Canadian Infantry

Liberator of the Netherlands

and to her uncle:
James Bruce WWII Veteran
( during the WWII)
Royal Canadian Army - Communications
An island was named after James Bruce.

Photo middle left:

Mr. Tim Hinds and his wife
Michele Ashby

Mr. Hinds would like to pay tribute to his father:
Sergeant Herbert Hinds
WWII Veteran ( 1969)
Royal Canadian Army Service Corps

Liberator of the Netherlands

Ms. Ashby would like to pay tribute to her father:
Sergeant Conn Ashby
WWII Veteran ( 1984)
Royal Canadian Air Force ( Based in England)

and to her mother:
Ms. Peggy Jones
WWII Veteran (2005)
flight officer with the British Air Force