Gunner Bert Ford
Image taken from a
Dutch Documentary

Just before leaving Whitehorse
we were invited by Mr. Bill Ford for breakfast.
He tried to reach Abe Dyck by phone but Mr. Abe Dyke and his wife were out of town.

Tulips 2005 would like to pay tribute to:
Mr. Abe Dyck, WWII Veteran
D-25, 3rd Division.
signal-corps - communications. 
Liberator of the Netherlands

and his wife:
Mrs. Florence Dyck
WWII Veteran
bus-driver for Pan-Am & the American Navy

Photo top:

Mr. Bill Ford - WWII Veteran
would like to pay tribute to:

his brother:
Bert Ford
Gunner, 7th antitank - 5th Division
(from Sicily to Holland)
Liberator of the Netherlands
(image - Dutch Documentary - during his visit to the Netherlands in 1985


Private Bill Ford
photo taken at
the Yukon Inn Hotel
15th of August



and to his father: Walter Ford
Member of the Royal Canadian Army Service Corps (Based in England)

and to his sister:
Aileen Ford
Women Royal Canadian Naval Service
(based at the Naval Head Quarters in London)
and to his brother: Jack Ford
Navigator with the Royal Canadian Air Force.

Photo middle:

Essiet watching the documentary
video in the lobby of the
Yukon Inn Hotel, Whitehorse,
early in the morning.

photo bottom right:

Christine Genier
Would like to pay tribute to:

John Adamson
WWII Veteran
Canadian Scottish-
Regiment -
3rd batalion

of the