Photo top - Left to right:
Private Clarence Woodward
WWII Veteran
Lake Superior Regiment, 4th Canadian Armoured Brigade and Member of the Royal Canadian legion in Treeherne, Branch 120.

Liberator of the Netherlands

Mr. William B. Crocker WWII Veteran
Riffle man with the Royal Canadian Infantry
3rd Division.
Went in with the reinforcements and joined
the Winnipeg Riffles (Reichwald forrest)
Member of the Royal Canadian Legion in Rathwell, Branch 177.

Photo middle:
Mr. Stanley Colpitts - WWII Veteran
Engine Fitter with the Ground crew - Royal Canadian Air Force.
British 2nd Army Batalion (Reconnaisance)
Witnessed the last attack by the Germans on the Eindhoven Airport
1st of January 1945

Liberator of the Netherlands



Photo Bottom
Mr. Loyd Cummer - WWII Veteran
Bombadier - Field Artillery
3rd Canadian Division - Landed on Juno Beach - went up to Zwolle, The Netherlands

Liberator of the Netherlands
(and his wife Edna)

Mr. Cummer would like to pay tribute
to his 2 brothers:
Corporal Wilfred Cummer
WWII veteran - Essex Scottish Regiment

Gunner Arley Cummer
WWII veteran - 12th Field Artillery