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Who knows Jany's father?

My name is Janny Zeldenthuis and I live in Zaandijk, Holland.
I was born on February 18, 1946 in Hengelo. I had a twin sister who was
killed in an accident in 1978. Our mother is called Treny. Our father was a Canadian soldier stationed in Hengelo. His name is George Leigh, Lee or Light. My mother couldn't speak English and the name sounded like Light. It could also be Wright or Knight. My father was a Seargent, he had three stripes. He was of average height
and sometimes he wore dark glasses. My mother remembers that he did administrative work. She thinks he was a book keeper. She also remembers he stayed in a huge tent which was a bakery and he used to give her fresh baked buns and bread. The building he was staying was called HACA. It was close to the Twente Canal. He returned to Canada in the fall of 1945. No one knows why my mother never heard from him anymore, and she will not talk about it!  My mother worked in a vegetable and fruit store by owned by the van Noort family in Hengelo. George picked her up from there after she finished
work. They always went dancing in a building called “Stork” where there was a Canadian club. Jany would love to meet her Canadian family. The regiments that were in Hengelo at the time George was there, were: Lake Superior Regiment; Gov. General Foot Guards and the British Columbia Dragoons
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Courtesy of Lloyd and Olga Rains


Jim Thomson, Your son is looking for you

My name is Heiko Windels. I was born in Varel, Germany, on September 20, 1946. My unmarried German mother, Amanda, (born 26-11-1920), met my Canadian father, Jim Thomson, who was stationed in Varel, Germany. She lived at Bahnhofstrasse 45 in Varel. I did not know until June, 2001, that my father was a Canadian soldier by the name of Jim Thomson. I knew that I was an illegitimate child, but nobody ever told me about my father, what nationality he was or what happened to him after the war. I never had the courage to confront my parents with this question about my biological father. This was something no one talked about. My mother died in 1998.
When my stepfather Adolf Windels died in June, 2001, I found a photo of my biological father, Jim Thomson. I also found a letter, dated April 7, 1946, in which my father expresses his deep love for my mother and confirms my upcoming birth.

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photo: driving from Beausejour to Carman, Manitoba.
August 5th - morning