I used to bring fresh meat home during the Depression, coming home from school.  We’d hunt rabbits and chickens and what not. There was no refrigeration at that time. You could say I was a good shot. I joined the army in 1941. I lost a very close friend of mine, it kind of bothers me ‘till this day.  It was in an area where they were opening the dykes, and they were flooding.  There were 2 patrols that were going to go out, I was selected to go in one, and this friend of mine was selected to go in the other one.  The one he had to go on, you had to swim.  The water was rising so fast that coming back you may have had to swim.  So I said I could swim, and I traded places with him.  He went on a patrol along the railway track, and he lost his life.  He bumped into a machine-gun nest.  His name was William C. Alexander, he was a private. I got a book on the whole battalion here, it’s a regimental book, “Regimental Heroes”




It kind of bothers me ‘till this day

Steven Kormandy
Corporal in the 2nd Division, 5th Brigade of the Calgary Highlanders.
Paying Tribute to Private William C. Alexander


      Photo: August 13th, 2005 at the
Yukon Riverside Arts Festival.
Dawson City