Mr. Hormida
s Bérubé

WWII Veteran
Service Corps,
Royal Canadian Army

Liberator of the Netherlands


I am proud of having served and helped for the Liberation of Holland

A veteran’s story from Mister Hormidas Bérubé, a proud Canadian, that helped with the Liberation of Holland.

In 1943, at only 23 years of age I left Canada for England. In September 1944, I then left England for the Netherlands, to Nijmegen. I was with the Service Corps, and my job was the transport of all the supply needed to support the Canadian troop stationed in Holland. Most of the time the delivery of all supply took place at night. The supply we transported, varied from weapons, ammunitions, clothing and food, everything that the troops needed to survive. During the war we were living in tents but after the Liberation, we were living in houses that were previously occupied by the German. I also had the chance to live in Breda and Tilburg for a while but only after the Liberation. For the last months of my stay in Holland I became <<Batman>>for Colonel Smith, an Irish Officer in the Canadian Forces. Now from Mont-Laurier, Quebec, Mr Bérubé kindly shared with us his memory of the war. <<On the morning of the Liberation, I was on my two weeks of holiday (R & R) in Paris, France. During that night, the bells from all the churches and cathedrals started ringing and the French people were running in the streets yelling: << The war is over! … The war is over!...>> I taught that they were all crazy because, when I left for Paris nobody nor anything in Holland, would of let us believed that the war was near the end. I went back to Holland by train, and when I arrived in Nijmegen, I walked back to my camp a short distance, 10 miles…once back in camp, the soldiers told me that the Germans had surrendered, they were not resisting anymore and that they were laying down their weapons and that they were simply sitting on the side of the roads not fighting anymore. I left Holland in November 1945 to return to Canada. My memories from Holland are that it is an extremely beautiful and clean country and that the people are very warm and thankful towards the Canadians. I am proud of having served and helped for the Liberation of Holland>>



photo: July 10th, 2005
Parc Toussaint La Chapelle
Mont Laurier, QC