Impressions of China - Helsdingen and Friends
Recorded and released in 1985.

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Chinese traditional music transferred by pianist RenÚ van Helsdingen into a new age, world, rock, jazz and dance

"Chinese traditional music is mostly based on pentatonic scales. In this recording I have changed the harmonies behind the melodies and created a simple cloud that enables the listener to really enjoy the melodies. Impressions of China is an album that was created in 1985 and now, 2012, finally after 27 years I am happy to release it for downloads. Ancient melodies, played by ancient and modern instruments. It lights up your party and creates a new atmosphere".

Impressions of China was recorded in the Netherlands and released as a long play record in 1985.
RenÚ was given a box full of cassettes with authentic Chinese traditional music and within several months he created new versions of 7 traditional Chinese songs. The music was transferred into a world, rock, pop style.
Later that same year a 12 inch single version was released for promotion and finally a CD.
A 5 year contract was signed with Pacific Music Co Ltd. 58 Pak Tai Street, Kowloon, Hong Kong.
The CD version carried the Virgin label (Virgin, 1985 Pacific Music Co. LTD)


Al songs were recorded at the Spitsbergen Studio.
Spitsbergen 5, Zuidbroek, The Netherlands. Engineer: Theo Balijon.
exept for "Jasmine Flower". Recorded at the Farmsound Studio,
Kabeljauw 8, Heelsum, The Netherlands. Engineer: Wil Hesen

Produced by RenÚ van Helsdingen
piano and keyboards: RenÚ van Helsdingen
Electric Bass/ Synthesizer: Brian Batie
Drums/ Synthesizer: Egbert van Gruythuyzen
Original Cover Design by: Alex Lawance

Side A
Autumn Moon in the Han Palace (6:43)
Yi Tribal Dance (3:20)
Flower Song (3:51)
Jasmine Flower (5:15)

Side B
Singing the Night among Fishing Boats (5:48)
Reflections of the Moon on two Lakes (4:41)
Dance of the Yao People (8:42)

History and specifics:

Autumn Moon in the Han Palace
Composer Unknown

Original melody played on the guzheng (chinese lute)
Han Gong Qiu Yue (汉宫秋月) - Autumn Moon Over the Han Palace, lute music (琵琶曲).
Earliest known performer was Wu Wanqing (吴畹卿), 1847 - 1926.
Listed as one of ten best ancient Chinese music pieces,
The music is generally believed to express the hidden bitterness and depression suffered by palace maids in the imperial palace.

Yi Tribal Dance
composed by Wang Huiran

Dance of the Yi People
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

Dance of the Yi People (simplified: 彝族舞曲; traditional: 彞族舞曲) is one of the most popular solo compositions for the pipa, a four-stringed pear-shaped fretted lute.

Dance of the Yi People was composed in the 1960s by the Chinese composer Wang Huiran (王惠然; b. 1936), presumably based on traditional music of the Yi people of southern China


Flower Song
Composer Unknown

茉莉花 Golden Flower (Muo Lee Hwa) - a Chinese Folk Song
Inspired by a cassette (HK4.240062) of popular Chinese Music by Ella Kiang.
The song was changed into a walz with a 24 bar introduction arranged by Brian Batie.

Jasmine Flower
Composer Unknown
Mo Li Hua (Chinese: 茉莉花; pinyin: M˛lýhuā; literally "Jasmine Flower"), is a popular Chinese folk song dating to 18th century.


Singing the Night among Fishing Boats
Composer Unknown
Yu zhou chang wan.

an anonymous solo piece for the zheng

Reflections of the Moon on two Lakes
Composed by Hua Yanjun (Ah Bing, blind man)
"Er Quan Ying Yue" or Moon reflected on Hui Spring is a beautiful piece of Erhu music.
The Erhu is known in the west as the Chinese violin or Chinese two-string fiddle.
The song was composed in the 1950s.

  Dance of the Yao People
composed collaboratively by Liu Tieshan (刘铁山) and Mao Yuan (茅沅) in 1952

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Dance of the Yao People (simplified: 瑶族舞曲; traditional: 瑤族舞曲; sometimes translated as Dance of the Yao Tribe) is one of the best known and most popular Chinese instrumental compositions of the second half of the 20th century. It was composed  in 1952, inspired by the long drum dance (瑶族长鼓舞歌), a form of traditional festival music of the Yao people of southern and southwest China.
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