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  Building of the STage Bus  
  Born Free CD


Film 2000  the CDROM - Luluk Purwanto & the Helsdingen Trio


For the promotion of the STage Bus and the CD: Born Free


The Stage Bus was designed and rebuild in Amsterdam Noord, February 19th until April 4th, 2000. The bus was parked in the garage behind Brezan Automaterialen, Polijsterweg 8, Amsterdam Noord. For 6 weeks a camera was set in one position to record the rebuilding of the Stage Bus. The final sequence with stopmotions was edited on top of the drum solo performed by Marcello Pellitteri. (taken from the CD: Born Free, track 4 entitled: Lir Ilir.

The Stage bus left Amsterdam at 01.00 AM, the 22nd of April, 2000, with Martijn van Beenen (camera man), Suzanne van Laatum (camera assistant), Luluk Purwanto and René van Helsdingen. Arriving at Charles de Gaulle Airport, Paris, at 6 AM, to pick up Essiet Okon Essiet and Marcello Pellitteri who had just arrived from New York.
Film2000 was Recorded that morning on April 23rd, 2000, at 7 different locations in Paris: 07.30 hrs. near the Eiffel Tower, 08.30 hrs. at Restaurant de Beaupre, (breakfast) 12.30 hrs. at Pont Grenelle (Statue of Liberty),  14.00 PM near the Arc de Triomphe. At 15.00 hrs. Essiet and Marcello flew back to New York, and that same afternoon we drove back to Amsterdam. Lir Ilir was recorded on film inside the Stage Buson the way back to Amsterdam.

CDROM with video item CDROM with video item
Film2000 4 musicians in Paris 20’20”
(R.v. Helsdingen/ L.L. Purwanto)


  Lir Ilir /incl. stop motion building of the Stage Bus 06'48”
(R.v. Helsdingen/ L.L. Purwanto)





TRACK A 20.20 min  : F I L M 2 0 0 0

4 musicians in Paris
LuLuK PuRwAnTo &ThE HeLsDiNgEn TriO

6.48 min  : video clip LIR-ILIR

traditional Indonesian song (from Jawa)

including stop-motions building the stage bus

by Aart Marcus






Designing and rebuilding, The Stage Bus II:

Aart Marcus, Art-Works

email: aartmarcus@upcmail.nl

Cover design:

Casper Meijer

PMA, email: pmacas@xs4all.nl



All songs composed and arranged by Rene van Helsdingen and Luluk Purwanto,
except for chord changes Minority by Gigi Gryce (BMI).
For bookings
: Helsdingen Music, Koninginneweg 211b,
1075 CS Amsterdam, Holland

Phone +31 (0)20 - 679 13 48, email: hmbv@xs4all.nl

Music tracks FILM2000


1. Cublak-cublak suweng/ Sluku-sluku bathok 1.30 min

(Original track Born Free BMMCD296, track 8)

2. Warming up, chord changes - Minority 1.17 min

3. Sit & Go 2.34 min

(Original track Born Free BMMCD296, track 1)

4. Mau Lagi (do you want more) 6.10 min

(Live version)

4. Pulang Yuk (Let's go home) 1.00 min

(Original track Born Free BMMCD296, track 3)

5. Lir-Ilir (same track as video clip) 6.31 min

(Original track Born Free BMMCD296, track 4)

6. Tunggu (Waiting) 0.49 min

(Original track Born Free BMMCD296, track 5)





Remix Mau Lagi (Live version) at: Studio Le Beau Garage
email: chrisbeckers@chrisbeckers.com

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Helsdingen Music copyrighted © 2000. All rights reserved
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