Brushes the clip / CDROM - 2002
Luluk Purwanto & the Helsdingen Trio


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The CDRom contains 5 Mpeg files -approx. 5x6 minutes - made in Holland - Video based on "the Tingling Machine", an installation created by Aart Marcus for JakArt2001 International Arts, Cultural and Educational Festival, Jakarta, Indonesia supported by the Royal Dutch Embassy, Jakarta - The set for this video included a rotating stage for the drums created by Aart Marcus. - this product is no more available and can only be viewed on youtube. Brushes composed by Rene van Helsdingen and Luluk Purwanto - Production: Helsdingen Music.

Luluk Purwanto violin-voice ; René van Helsdingen piano ; Essiet Okon Essiet bass ; Marcello Pellitteri drums

CDROM with video item CDROM with video item
Brushes the clip / Split screen presentation
(R.v. Helsdingen/ L.L. Purwanto)


  Brushes the clip / Bluescreen presentation
(R.v. Helsdingen/ L.L. Purwanto)




Brushes the clip / Piano Only
(R.v. Helsdingen/ L.L. Purwanto)

Production information:

Directing Cameraman
Martijn van Beenen
Production assistant
Susanne van Laatum

Martijn van B
Film & Video Production

Video and film Editing:
Wendela Scheltema
April 13, 14 , 15, 2002
at: Bobbie Film Producti
on and Editing,
Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Chroma Key
Marco Vermaas
April 21 at
Studio Vermaas, Amster
dam, The Netherlands

Recorded and filmed
October 22, 25, 2001 and January 7, 2002
at: Studio van Schuppen, Veenendaal
Recorded on optical disc

Sound Mixing
April 9, 10, 2002-04-13
at: Farmsound Studio
Kabeljauw 8, 6866NE, Heelsum, The Netherlands
Sound engineer: Wil Hes
Website: http://www.farmsound.nl

Format conversion:
Europe Audio Video Rent
Professional audio & video-equipment rental
Vleuten, The Netherlands
Engineer: Leo Koster
Assistant engineer: Tim Koster

split - screen editing
Joost van Herwijnen

Camera equipment
Moskito Film

Technical support, CDRom Menu and Web Master
Paul Jansen
De WebWinkel
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Valkieser Solutions

Hilversum, the Netherlands

Snare Drum Projectio
n (shadow- and beamer projection)
Rotating Stage
The Great Tingling Machine
Electronic Engineer and visual artist
Art-Works, H.A. Marcus, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Marcello Pellitteri plays Sabian Cymbals gong and
Regal Tip sticks


Video Introduction JakArt @ 2001 International Arts Cultural & Educational Festival June 2001/ Festival Performance - Category:  Visual Arts /International, Event Title:  Art Installation, "The Great Tingling Machine/ Electronic Engineer and visual artist Aart Marcus, Netherlands/ Venue: Erasmus Huis outside grounds- Date: 1-22 June, 2001/ Documentation,  by the Erasmus Huis - Performance supported by: Royal Embassy of the Netherlands, Jakarta, Indonesia
"The Great Tingling Machine" is the title of this extraordinary sculpture which was built on the grounds of the Erasmus Huis during the month of June,  2001,  and completed on June 22 in celebration of Jakarta's birthday.  Originally conceived as a moving sculpture that uses scrap metal. The name "Tingling Machine" is inspired on the name and work of the Swiss artist, Jean Tinguely. Five giant leaves are supporting a huge globe made of bamboo. In these leaves are mounted all sorts of musical and sound-producing instruments. Rotating on a motorized base, the movement of the bamboo globe causes the various instruments to produce sounds. The globe has electronic microphones to pick up certain sounds, from the squeaking, scraping and tinkling of instruments, machine parts and the wind itself.  The sculpture is a metaphor for earth, with its natural abundance of plants and flowers surrounded by humanity's screeching, scraping, humming, technological progress.  Marcus was assisted by : Sanggar Anak 'Akar:  Amin, Jay, Joni, Sandi, Tian, and the festival volonteers Ati and Danang.
Sanggar anak akar is a medium of education for marginalized children
organized by concerned members of the community with the participation of
the children themselves.


Brushes was Inspired by JakArt @ 2001 and Artistic Director Mikhail David
International Arts Cultural & Educational Festival June 2001
JakArt@2001 is a not-for-profit festival to celebrate the birthday of Jaka
rta, in June 2001. Jakarta was transformed into a huge stage for a whole month. Not only most of the exiting venues in the city, such as concert halls and theatres, but also unconventional venues in the city, such as schools and universities, community centers, community theaters, parks, the streets, mosques, churches, cafes, a bus that opens into a stage.... and more was used. The local community was involved to the maximum extend possible, by taking the festival to them and creating hands-on experiences and events. JakArt@ 2001 was a celebration of human culture. JakArt@ 2001 was the result of the combined efforts of an impressive number of individual artists and concerned citizens who had collectively come to the realization that some action was called for imminently. These same individuals have struggled for many years and to various degrees of success to address the concern of the lack of adequate educational and financial support (often due to lack of understanding of the important links between the arts and our everyday economic and social activities). In Jakarta, a city of 15 million people, most of the cultural projects and events address themselves to narrow and specialized audiences and seldom reach the wider public. What made JakArt@ 2001 different is that for the first time in many years a consensus had emerged that if all these noble efforts in the various fields and disciplines could be pooled together for just one moment in time, i.e. June 2001, and in just one space, i.e. Jakarta, then perhaps we could create a monumental event that will reach a wide audience and draw attention to a number of important issues. We hope that this will start an on-going dialogue that will develop into a deeper level of understanding.

Helsdingen Music © 2002
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