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Bornfree  the CD - Luluk Purwanto & the Helsdingen Trio
1998 - Benelux release


Bornfree  the CD - Luluk Purwanto & the Helsdingen Trio
- USA release


Released in the Benelux 1998
by Munich records.


Distributed by Warner/ Elektra/ Atlantic Corporation,
an AOL-Time Warner Company

listen - CD Mpeg1 - Audio CD with video item
1) Sit & Go 5.33 min (R.v Helsdingen, L.L. Purwanto)
2) Mau Lagi (do you want more) 8.11 min (R.v Helsdingen, L.L. Purwanto)
3) Pulang Yuk (Let's go home) 8.28 min (R.v Helsdingen, L.L. Purwanto)
4) Lir Ilir 6.31 min (arr. R.v Helsdingen, L.L. Purwanto)
5) Tunggu (waiting) 6.58 min (R.v Helsdingen, L.L. Purwanto)
6) Born Free 4.23 min (R.v Helsdingen, L.L. Purwanto)
7) Auto-move
(frog navigation systems)
3.48 min (R.v Helsdingen, L.L. Purwanto)
8) Cublak-cublak suweng/
sluku sluku bathok
3.05 min (arr. R.v Helsdingen, L.L. Purwanto)
  Mau Lagi 08’25” (R.v. Helsdingen/ L.L. Purwanto)  
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back inlay:

Born Free/ LuLuK PuRwAnTo k ThE HeLsDiNgEn TriO

1.         Sit & Go  5.33

2.         Mau Lagi (do you want more) 8.11

3.         Pulang Yuk (Let's go home)8.28

4.         Lir Ilir  6.31

5.         Tunggu (waiting)6.58

6.         Born Free 4.23

7.         Auto-move (frog navigation systems) 3.48

8.         Cublak-cublak suweng/Sluku-sluku bathok  3.05

            'Mau lagi' also available on video


For bookings:                    

Helsdingen Music BV, Koninginneweg 211B , 1075 CS,AmSteRdaM, (/fax :31.20.6791348   e-mail :hmbv@xs4all.nl

All songs composed and arranged by L.Purwanto & R. van Helsdingen.

Except for track 7 , Born Free, composed by John Barry. 

Track 4 and track 8 are  Traditional Indonesian songs for children arranged by L. Purwanto &  R. van Helsdingen. 

Executive Producer: Job Zomer


Page 1-2 Booklet

LuLuK PuRwAnTo kThE HeLsDiNgEn TriO

Born Free

Luluk Purwanto  violin, voice

Marcello Pellitteri  drums, perc. (plays Sabian cymbals, gong and Regal Tip sticks)

Essiet Okon Essiet  bass

René van Helsdingen  piano

Engineer: Michael Brorby.

Acoustic Recording, 279 Sterling Place #2b, Brooklyn, NewYork, NY 11238, USA, tel: 1-718-7894630                   


Recording the Helsdingen trio                          

13-7-98  tracks 1, 2, 3 and 7

19-9-98  tracks 4, 5 and 6


Marcello Pellitteri plays additional percussion on track 4


e 3-4 Booklet

"Cublak-cublak suweng/ Sluku-sluku bathok" (mix of 2 traditional songs from Jawa)

Cublak - cublak suweng

Suwengé ting gelèntèr

Mambu ketumbar gudhèl

Tak hempo léra léré

Sopo gelem ndelikaké


2x   Sir, sir pong delé gosong


Sluku - sluku bathok

Bathoké éla-élo

Si Romo menyang solo

Payungé payung moto

tak gempo éla-élo

sopo ngguyu ndelikaké


4x   Sir, sir pong delé gosong



studio Beau Garage, Engineer: Chris Beckers

Balthasar Floriszstraat 34 oh, 1071 VD, Amsterdam.tel: 31-20-4704594

recording violin, perc. and vocals: 16-10-98       tracks 3, 7,and 8

26-8-98 video production 'Mau Lagi'

recording violin, video mix  track 2.


Camera: Martijn van Beenen

video editing: Wendela Scheltema

Bobbie Film production and editing


page 4

Engineer: Evert Woud

Kwetterhof audio produkties, Billitonkade 35 d,  1521 BM, Wormerveer, Netherlands, tel: 31-75-6285254


28-7-98 ; pre-mix 

video production of  'Mau Lagi '

recording violin and vocals:

4-10-98             ; tracks 4 and 5

11-10-98           ; tracks 1 and 6.



"Lir ilir"  (trad. Song from Jawa)

Lir Ilir, Lir Ilir      Tanduré wis sumilir      

Tak ijo royo-royo

Tak sengguh pengantèn Anyar

Cah angon....... Pènèkno blimbing kuwi

Lunyu-lunyu pènèken

Kanggo mbasuh dodotiro         Dodotiro.........

Kumitir bedahing pinggir

Dondomono jrumatono

Kanggo sebo mengko soré

Lir Ilir.........       Tanduré wis sumilir

Tak ijo royo-royo

Tak sengguh pengantèn anyar

3x        Mumpung padang rembulané

            Mumpung jembar kalangané

Mumpung padang

Lir...... i......      Tanduré wis sumilir

Tak ijo royo-royo

Tak sengguh pengantèn anyar

Cah......angon.......    Pènèkno blimbing kuwi

Lunyu-lunyu pènèken

Kanggo mbasuh dodotiro                     (violin)

3x      Mumpung padang rembulané

          Mumpung jembar kalangané

Mumpung padang rembulané

Yo........Surako......Surak........Hiyo........(drums solo)

Lir ilir......                      Tanduré wis sumilir

Cah angon                   Pènèkno blimbing kuwi

Lunyu-lunyu pènèken    Kanggo mbasuh dodotiro

Lir ilir    .....                   Tanduré wis sumilir

Tak ijo royo-royo       tak sengguh pengantèn anyar

Lir-ilir    ......                  Tanduré wong sumilir

Lunyu-lunyu pènèken      Kanggo mbasuh dodotiro

2x        Mumpung jembar kalangané

            Mumpung padang rembulané

3x        Mumpung jembar kalangané


e 5-6 Booklet

Engineer: Jan Schuurman

THE VAN    Mobile Studio

Weikamp 154,   3751 AG,

Spakenburg, Holland

tel: 31-33-2983150/ 2995180

car 31-6-53119114

Final mixing, Editing and Mastering

21-10-98 and 9-11-98

produced by René van Helsdingen


remix and Editing track 7:

Engineer: Paul Schuurman


pagina 6

The Stage Bus at the Borobudur temple, Magelang, Indonesia.    10-8-97


special thanks to:   (Meaning: without them we wouldn't .........)

Victor de Boo and Belinda Moody for all your energy; Veronica Pellitteri for letting us use your

flutes; Daan en Carel  and Frog Navigation Systems BV for 'Auto-move'; Pak Handojo, Pak -

Yunanto Ali,  Pak Julius Aditya Kristianto and PT DJARUM for touring Indonesia; Henk van -

Leeuwen and Australia Northern Europe Liaisons for touring Australia and sharing a lifetime

experience; Mikhail David for The Stage and the Stage Bus; Mami and Papap Julian Purwanto

for your help and doa; Donald Dean and Henry Franklin, the skipper, for always great playing

and more playing to come; Kent Brinkley ; Bovo Tours;  Martien Ulder and drukkerij Slinger for

helping us; Gregson Edwards; David Korthals Altes; Ben Schreuder; Arjen de Graaf; ARFAN;

Art Marcus for your work (the Stage Bus); Jan and Carla Schuurman; Ruud Verbeek for your

endless support, Job and Peggy Zomer and Mr. Ten Have,  .................................................

Photo booklet USA release

Art Direction & Design
Doug Haverty for Art & Soul Design (artsoulart@aol.com)

Zebra Acoustic Records, PO Box 9178 Calabasas, CA 91372, USA
Munich Records bv
a Lightyear Entertainment Release licensed by Zebra Acoustic
manufactured and printed in the USA
Distributed by Warner/ Elektra/ Atlantic Corporation,
an AOL-Time Warner Company
Helsdingen Music copyrighted © 2000. All rights reserved
Email: hmbv@xs4all.nl
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