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Total: 65’19”

Total: 57’44”

Music performed by Luluk Purwanto & the Helsdingen Trio
piano & Keyboards – René van Helsdingen
violin/voice/ percussion– Luluk Purwanto
drums – Marcello Pellitteri (Marcello plays Sabian Cymbals and Regal Tip Sticks)
bass – Essiet Okon Essiet

Produced by R. van Helsdingen / Executive producer – It will always be Job Zomer.
Recorded and mixed at Farmsound Studio, Heelsum, the Netherlands Nov. 29-30 – 2006
and Sept. 2007.

Dedicated to our Mothers and to the Mothers of all the Children in the World.

These recordings include songs that were performed during the Tulips 2005 ..... 60th Anniversary tour marking the 60th Anniversary of the gift of 100.000 tulip bulbs to Canadians by the Dutch Royal Family. This Gift of Tulips was made as a symbolic thank you to Canadian for providing safe haven for members of the Dutch Royal Family in Ottawa and the important and strategic role the Canadian Army played in the liberation of the Netherlands.


The concerts were a tribute to the Canadian WWII Veterans. During the tour, the Mayor of every city visited by the Stage Bus was offered, in a pre-concert ceremony, a Tulip Friendship Garden. To honour those who contributed to the liberation of the Netherlands, local veterans were invited to receive this very special garden along with the civic representatives.

Her Royal Highness Princess Margriet of the Netherlands and her husband Pieter van Vollenhoven arrived in Ottawa on the 12th of May, 2005, for the official opening of the Canadian Tulip Festival and on May 13th Princess Margriet officially launched Tulips 2005 - 60th Anniversary Friendship Tour. During this occasion Luluk Purwanto and the Helsdingen Trio performed a song entitled: Princess Song. This song was composed by Marcello Pellitteri for the Princess of the Netherlands.

All artwork and scribbles by Luluk.


Special thanks to:
my brother CC van Helsdingen for your support,
Mikhail David and Ary Sutedja for being our inspiration,
our family and friends,
Bureau In Grid for your art-direction and support,

NV Mass and Bovo Tours for maintaining Stage Bus I and II

Helsdingen Music copyrighted © 2017. All rights reserved
Email: hmbv@xs4all.nl
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