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Rene van Helsdingen - "Tulips"
2020 double Album


Tulips are so colorful, and they are a symbol of friendship and true love.




Arranged, improvised and free music for piano and piano trio.
Cover artwork by Henny Schueler. Cover portrait by Govert de Roos

Track 1 & 8, recorded on May 8th, 2009.
The Helsdingen trio featuring Henry –the Skipper- Franklin, bass; Donald Dean, drums. Recorded and filmed at the Flower studio, Ojai California.
Sound engineer: Jeff Evans. Mixed on May 25th, 2009, at the Farmsound Studio, Heelsum, The Netherlands. Engineer: Wil Hesen.

Track 2, 7, 10, and 12 recorded on December 20th, 2017. Track 5, recorded on May 11th, 2018. Track 11, recorded on May 9th, 2019.
The Helsdingen trio featuring Jos Machtel, bass; Henk Zomer, drums.
Filmed and recorded at the Farmsound Studio, Kabeljauw 8, Heelsum.
Sound engineer: Wil Hesen.

Track 3, recorded on November 24th, 2019.
The Helsdingen Trio featuring: Wiro Mahieu: bass, Victor de Boo: drums.
Recorded and filmed at Metamorfose, a secondhand- and antiquarian Bookshop, Valeriusstraat 238a, Amsterdam. Recorded by The Van Mobile Studio, Spakenburg, The Netherlands. Sound engineer: Paul Schuurman.

Track 4, recorded in January 1986.
The Helsdingen trio featuring Brian Batie, bass; Rodney Mecks, drums.
Recorded at the Spitsbergen Studio, Zuidbroek, The Netherlands. Sound engineer: Theo Balijon.

Track 6 & 9, recorded on January 10th, 2016. The Helsdingen trio featuring Giacomo Dominici, bass; Ivan Gambini, drums. Recorded at the Lunik Recording Studio, Pesaro, Italy. Sound engineer: Davide “Red” Batttistelli.

Track 13, recorded in December 1997. The Rene van Helsdingen trio featuring Belinda Moody, bass; Victor de Boo, drums. Recorded at the Indra Lesmana Studio, Jakarta Indonesia.

Track 14, recorded in 1984. Rene van Helsdingen piano and vocals. Recorded at the Spitsbergen Studio, Zuidbroek, The Netherlands. Sound engineer: Theo Balijon.

Piano: Rene van Helsdingen. Bass: Henry the Skipper Franklin, Brian Batie, Jos Machtel, Wiro Mahieu, Giacomo Dominici, Belinda Moody. Drums: Donald Dean, Rodney Mecks, Henk Zomer, Victor de Boo, Ivan Gambini.

All songs composed by Rene van Helsdingen except for: track 3, “ Short stories”  composed by Rene van Helsdingen, “ the Gathering”  composed by Wiro Mahieu,/ track 6, “ Constantly” composed by Giacomo Dominici, / track 10, “ Moment’s Notice” composed by John Coltrane.





Henry Franklin, Rene van Helsdingen, Donald Dean - Ojai California May 8th 2009






Jos Machtel, Rene van Helsdingen, Henk Zomer - Amsterdam 2017




Victor de Boo, Rene van Helsdingen, Wiro Mahieu - Amsterdam 2019

Disk 1

1) Il Giro (R.v.Helsdingen) 10.59
2) Loop for Piano 2 (R.v.Helsdingen) 4.33
3) Short Stories, the Gathering (R.v.Helsdingen, W. Mahieu)10.30
4) Funk (R.v.Helsdingen) 03.29
5) Tulips (R.v.Helsdingen) 08.48
6) Constantly (G. Dominici) 06.36
7) Loop for Piano 1 (R.v.Helsdingen) 04.07

Disk 2

8) Nobios (R.v.Helsdingen) 09.19
9) Moments Notice (J.Coltrane) 05.19
10) Loop for Bass (R.v.Helsdingen) 04.56
11) Lines (R.v.Helsdingen) 10.44
12) Loop for Drums (R.v.Helsdingen) 04.43
13) Pulang Yuk (R.v.Helsdingen, L.L.Purwanto) 07.14
14) Song Eleven Solo (R.v.Helsdingen) 08.51

Brian Batie, Rodney Mecks - Amsterdam 1986

Rene van Helsdingen, Giacomo Dominici, Ivan Gambini - Pesaro 2016

Belinda Moody, Victor de Boo, Rene van Helsdingen - Jakarta 1997


Rene van Helsdingen, Giacomo Dominici, Ivan Gambini - Urbino 2011

Victor de Boo (photo by Govert de Roos) - Amsterdam 2019

Wiro Mahieu (photo by Govert de Roos) - Amsterdam 2019

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