Rene van Helsdingen - "mp3trio - All of it"
2010 double CD




1) Intro l'Eau 2.40 (R.v Helsdingen)
2) l'Eau / Water 12.12 (R.v Helsdingen)
3) Buona Mattina - Intro 5.33 (R.v Helsdingen)
4) Buona Mattina / Good Morning 8.26 (R.v Helsdingen)
5) Intro La Civetta 4.14 (R.v Helsdingen)
6) La Civetta / The Owl 5.21(R.v Helsdingen)
7) Petite Fille-Vox / Little Girl 7.10 (R.v Helsdingen)
8) Petite Fille 8.37 (R.v Helsdingen)
9) Display 6.38 (R.v Helsdingen)
10) La Civetta Balla / The Owl Dances 8.25 (R.v Helsdingen)
11) Sketch 1 5.57 (R.v Helsdingen)
12) Sketch 2 7.18 (R.v Helsdingen)
13) Un Attimo / One Moment 1.56 (R.v Helsdingen)
14) Sketch 3 7.48 (R.v Helsdingen)
15) Sketch 4 5.07 (R.v Helsdingen)
16) Free for 1 Hand 6.36 (R.v Helsdingen)
17) Il Treno / The Train 5.25 (R.v Helsdingen)

Arranged, improvised and free music for piano and piano trio.
mp3trio - no names - no bios - no profiles- just a band - a treeo where roots and minds intertwine.
Romantic contemporary jazz for piano. Musical stories about water, the river, the dancing owl and the little girl.
The power of improvisation, performed, recorded, captured and visualized by artists and engineers with established reputations

Rene van Helsdingen: piano.
Essiet Okon Essiet: bass.
Marcello Pellitteri: drums.

These 17 songs (tracks) were recorded April 24-25-26 , 2010, at the Bennett Studios, 1 depot Square, Englewood, NJ 07631, USA . Recording engineers: Johnnie Truesdale, Travis Stefl and Dae Bennett. Mixed and mastered at the Farmsound Studio, Kabeljauw 8, 6866NE Heelsum, The Netherlands. Sound engineer: Wil Hesen. Cover photo: Christophe Agou (using Agfa b&w expired film and rangefinder cameras)

14 video clips were released in a DVD format. Camera director: Martijn van Beenen.
Photography: Christophe Agou. The cover design of the previous release: "Mp3trio - l'Eau" , contained a poem by Michél A. Thérien from his book: Poems - The wilderness within Poèmes - Corps sauvage and a painting, fantasia di fiori 35x50, 2009, by Rita Rinci.



Track 1 and 2: "l'Eau",
the sound and life of water.

I live in an old house by the river close to a waterfall.
When it rains the fields are flooding and the water touches the houses.
At night when I sleep I have my windows open
and outside I can hear the music of water,
with and without dynamics,
powerful and almost silent.


Track 3 and 4: "Buona mattina/ good morning"
"Good morning world, it is time to wake up.
I'm already awake .... but
I like staying in bed a little longer
to remember my dreams.

Every morning, nature performes.
It is always a beautiful morning sunrise.
Good morning heavenly dawn.
I love watching you.

Track 5 and 6: "La civetta"
I know you as a bird of the night
and you know many things.
You probably can predict life ... "



Track 7 and 8: "Petite fille - vox" In her own sweet way she is a little girl, a woman of the world and a source of strength and energy. It's about the incredible beauty of a person. I love you.

Track 10: "La civetta balla/ the owl dances" One night an owl was standing in the middle of the road and I had to stop the car. The owl performed a short magical dance and disappeared. Since that night I think a lot about the owl ... many things have changed in my life.

Track 11,12,14 and 15: "Sketches 1 to 4" You let yourself go sometimes. Just starting without a specific plan and idea. Anything goes in the labyrinth of improvisation.
Then suddenly you reach a platform of clarity.
Do not stay there too long as you have to get back to that thoughtless beginning.

Track 13: "Un attimo/ one moment" A tiny moment of noise, sadness, confusion, silence, happiness, awareness ... and thanks. "

  Track 16: "Free for 1 hand"

I want to run my hand
along the poetry of your landscape
discover with my eyes shut tight
its cliffs
in the blood of your lips
the poem inside you
rocks dances sings
follows your lead
your every breath
your every move
your sleepless nights
cling to me in tatters
and I hunger for your fire
in the ashes of your silence.

Michél A. Thérien from his book:
Poems - The wilderness within Poèmes - Corps sauvage
Disk 1

1) solo intro l’Eau  02.40
2) trio l’Eau / Water 12.12
3) solo Buona Mattina – Intro  05.33
4) trio Buona Mattina / Good Morning  08.26
5) solo Intro La Civetta 04.14
6) trio La Civetta / The Owl 05.21
7) solo Petite Fille – Vox / Little Girl 07.10
8) trio Petite Fille (long version) 08.37
Disk 2

9) trio Display  06.38
10) solo La Civetta Balla / The Owl Dances 08.25
11) trio Sketch 1  05.57
12) trio Sketch 2  07.18
13) solo Un Attimo/ One Moment  01.56
14) trio Sketch 3  07.48
15) trio Sketch 4  05.07
16) solo Free for 1 Hand  06.36
17) solo Il Treno / The Train   05.25
Oilpainting by Rita Rinci, 2016
Helsdingen Music copyrighted © 2000. All rights reserved
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