Helsdingen Jazz - Rene van Helsdingen
1985 - LP






Rene van Helsdingen: piano
Egbert van Gruythuyzen: drums
Brian Batie: bass

vocals on “Just do it 3”: Poppy Matulessy, Adé Supusepa


Side 1:
JUST DO IT 1 (Helsdingen) 8.35
JUST DO IT 2 (Helsdingen) 3.04
ESTHER (Helsdingen) 7.35

Side 2             
CURLEY COOKY (Helsdingen) 4.45
RIETI (Helsdingen) 5.48  Featuring Egbert van Gruythuyzen
FUNK (Helsdingen) 3.46
JUST DO IT 3 (Helsdingen) 6.10


This recording was financed through the sales of advertising space on the front cover. Front cover was divided in 286 spaces and sold to various supporting sponsors, friends and family. Special thanks to all off you.
Special thanks to Mr. Ten Have.
All songs (except for “Just do it 3”) recorded and mixed at the farmsound studio, Heelsum, The Netherlands: Date: April 1985. Egineer: Wil Hesen. “Just do it 3” was recorded at the Spitsbergen studio, Zuidbroek, The Netherlands. Date: October 1984. Engineer: Theo Balijon. Mixing was done at the Farmsound studio, Heelsum, The Netherlands. Photography and art direction, Drukkerij Slinger, Alkmaar, Holland and Rene van Helsdingen. All Music (Except for “They are here and they have landed”) composed, arranged and produced by Rene van Helsdingen. “They are here and they have landed” composed by M.J. Mendelbaum.

Published by W.W. Music, Stemra Holland. TIMELESS RECORDS p c 1985. TIMELESS is a division of WIM WIGT Productions. PO Box 201, Wageningen Holland. Tel: 08370-13440/13445. Telex 45991



Dear René, Aloha - and happy 1985 to you. As to your tape, I took it with me to LA…. a few friends and associates heard it.
The general opinion was that you were indeed, a talented pianist, - your compositions, also indicated talent. The production “sound” was individualistic and creative. For the American commercial market, their priorities do not permit them the time and expense to develop you (and your Music) to compete in the USA market.
The more specific observations (that might be useful to you) are: The Music structure “wanders”- it lacks the hook-structure that mass American buyers are attracted to. And other observations pertained to your seeming to be more of a personality – live – concert performer, rather than the focus being a composer. – so – There needs to be a need to develop the defined image, regarding performance program and pacing and image- presentation. The reaction, in general, is that you are a pianist - composer – arranger - performer - productionist - conductor. Such a person (image) is difficult to package and market. A few such persons have made it – for example, Quincey Jones, Chuck Mangione, and John Williams. Yet after years of effort, their success came with a hit song (in their particular sound).


You have so much – so you have so much to work on, to sell … I too (as you know) am enthusiastic about your talent- but mass acceptance triggers commercial interest. René, your time in the USA is not yet. You have talent – you are persistent – you are creative in the way you seek success ….  Continue …. Be ready when “your time” is at hand.
Perhaps you would consider these thoughts: 1, sell your sound. 2, discover the USA market for your sound and groom your path of success, accordingly. 3, seek rather, a hit song, rather than an encompassing sound as the thrust of your efforts. 4 Gratefully seek and learn from established giants in your relevant areas. 5, continue your positive genuine attitudes of life and Music. 6, observe, more, that there is not a threat in “compromise” if the request for compromise is not that you diminish your integrity but rather, that you expand and absorb the “inputs” as part of your whole-ness growth. 7, seek the markets’ needs and supply it (if you can) and/or be a pure entity and let the market find you, someday (may be) … and that is okay, too.

Your friend



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