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Helsdingen - "One minute Willie
1979 longplay record



  piano on all tracks - Rene van Helsdingen
1) Kulunga Urang 5:58
Bass, Essiet Okon Essiet; Drums, Henk Zomer; Saxophone, Jimmy Roberts
2) One Minute Willie Or Love Is A Lie 6:34
Bass [Solo], Willie Owens;  Bass, Percussion, Brian Batie;
Percussion, Essiet Okon Essiet, RenÚ Van Helsdingen; Vocals, Tara Skomroski
3) TNT Raggy For Gypsee And ╔Ú 3:50
4) Ely's Birthday 5:24
Bass,  Essiet Okon Essiet

1) Slowdownnimsky 6:45
2) Tomorrow She Will Be Ill 10:36
Bass, Kent Brinkley; Drums, Henk Zomer; Saxophone,  Jimmy Roberts
3) Before I Leave 5:46
Brian Batie, Essiet Okon Essiet;  Vocals,  Nicole Paron

  This album was recorded on the 9th, 10th, 21st of may and on the 25th of october 1979 in the Media-Art Studios in Hormosa Beach , Los Angeles.
Recording engineers: David, Ralph, spot, Mike.
Mixing was done in the soundpush Studio, Blaricum, Holland by the great Frans Mijts and Jan Schuurman en Maarten Hartrich.

Cover design: Joost Timp.
Photography: Alf Sch÷ne.
Producer: Job Zomer, Munich Records, Albert Sweitzerlaan 9, Bennekom, Holland.
Special thanks to Wouter BŘchner and mr. Ten Have
All songs composed by Rene van Helsdingen

This album was made with the help of: Spitsbergen Studio, Groningen, Holland. Engineer: Jan-Willem Ludolph, Maarten de Boer.
and my friends: David Best, David Walters, Willy Owens, Alice Ely and Isaac p Lefthand, Richard Dorsey, Terri Trotter, John Rigby, Lazlo Cser, Paul Holman, Joy Hunter, Jacob Magnusson, Eric Borgers.

Listening to RenÚ is standing on a beach, looking at the turbulent sea, a disk-jockey around, who plays in fast tempo: Chopin, Coltrane, Strawinsky or McCoy Tyner. His music is unconventional, modern, romantic. Before his stay in the States (LA of course?) RenÚ was one bit of talent, unartificial, uncut diamant; the spring of inspiration spread out a waterfall of piano music, for hours and hours, but unmannered. In the States the bit of talent was cut to brilliant inspiration streams through channels, directed to high level music. Improvised music makes a high demand to fellow musicians, record technicians and listeners. RenÚ has the power to make every one enthusiastic. This is a quality of giants, RenÚ is that great, just listen. Wouter BŘchner


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